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Ramstein ES

Get Involved!

Parent Teacher Association  (PTA)

Parents and teachers are encouraged to become members of the PTA. The fund-raising activities provide financial assistance for school events and the parent volunteers support a wide variety of student activities. Dates and times for Executive Board meetings and General Membership meetings will be announced on the school's calendar and Newsletter.  Anyone interested in working with the PTA should call the school's front office for point of contact information. 


School Advisory Committee (SAC)

The School Advisory Committee is an organization that fosters participation in school affairs by members of the school and military communities and provides a coordinated process to address and resolve issues at the lowest practical level. SAC members advise the school principal on school matters, deal with issues brought to their attention by the school community, and establishes goals and objectives for the academic year.

SAC meetings: are held at least four times a year and notices are sent to parents prior to each meeting. These meetings are public meetings, though they are not meetings of the public. Parents and staff members are encouraged to attend SAC meetings to learn more about school programs and issues, and are invited to submit items to SAC members to be placed on the meeting agendas.

SAC elections:  are held at the beginning of the school year.  SAC officers are elected by a committee.  The SAC president is also the representative to the Installation Advisory Committee (IAC).