Department of Defense Education Activity

Student Services

Ramstein High School Counseling Program

In alignment with DoDEA's mission to support all students' academic achievement as they prepare
for the ever-changing world of the 21st century, Ramstein High School Counselors 
plan, organize, implement and evaluate a counseling program following the American School
Counselor Association’s National Model. Ramstein High School Counselors provide individual
counseling, group counseling and classroom instruction to promote academic achievement,
career development and personal/social development.

Ramstein High School Counselors collaborate with parents and guardians, teachers,
administrators and community leaders to create learning environments that promote educational
equity and success for every student.

Ramstein High School Counselors believe that every student can learn, that every student can
succeed, and that every student should have an opportunity for a high-quality education.
Further, they work to insure that all students are College or Career ready upon their graduation
from Ramstein High School.