Department of Defense Education Activity
PCS Information

Please observe the following procedures for the withdrawal or transfer of your child or children attending the school:

  • Parents should notify the Registrar in the Main Office, as well as the classroom teacher, at least two weeks prior to the pupils last day in attendance. Please provide the Registrar with a copy of PCS orders.
  • In the case of acceleration (i.e., where credit is earned): Since students can leave up to 20 school days early with PCS orders, notification should take place at least 30 days ahead of time so students have time to complete the assignment(s) that would be missed.
  • Students who complete the school year are promoted annually to the next grade level upon the recommendation of the teacher.
  • DoDEA policy dictates that Permanent Change of Station students cannot be promoted to the next grade level prior to a minimum of 20 school days before the last day of school.
  • When a pupil transfers to another DoDDS school, the pupil's workbooks are sent with the parents to the receiving school. For transfers outside the DoDEA system, pupil workbooks remain the property of this school.
  • Lost and damaged school property must be paid for prior to final clearance. This includes lost textbooks and/or library books. All payments must be by money order only to the "Treasurer of the United States".
  • The child's cumulative record file (201), the pupil progress summary form, the clearance check sheet, the report card, the cumulative reading record card, and, as appropriate, the pupil's workbooks are issued to the parent at final clearance.