Department of Defense Education Activity

Student Guidance Counseling

Guidance Counselors

DoDEA's counselors provide a comprehensive guidance program to all students in grades PreK-12th. The school guidance program helps build the foundation for life-long learning by assisting students in developing self-respect, awareness of others and positive learning attitudes. School counselors provide direct and indirect services and activities to students, families, and school staff for developing strategies that deal with education, personal and social challenges that may interfere with the educational process.

Military Family Life Consultant (MFLC)

The Department of Defense is providing the Child and Youth Military & Family Life Counseling (CYB-MFLC) Program services, due to the unique challenges faced by military families. This is a private and confidential non-medical counseling service.

The CYB-MFLC may support staff and work with children and families in the following ways: Observe, participate and engage in activities with children and youth, Provide direct interaction with children, Model behavioral techniques and provide feedback, Suggest courses of age appropriate behavioral interventions to enhance coping and behavioral skills, Outreach to parents when they drop off or pick up their children or at family events, Available for parents to contact for guidance and support, Facilitate psycho-educational groups, Conduct training for staff and parents, Recommend referrals to military social services and other resources as needed.

CYB-MFLCs may assist parents, teachers, staff, and children in the following ways: Communication, Self-esteem/self confidence, Resolving conflicts, Behavioral management techniques, Helping children deal with their angry feelings, Sibling/parental relationships, Bullying, Deployment and reintegration issues.

The counselor may also work with children in settings such as field trips and other center, camp, or school sponsored activities.

The counselor is available from 08:00 to 20:00, Monday-Friday. The counselor is available for appointments and meetings/activities after hours and on weekends with advance notice.