Department of Defense Education Activity

Gifted Education

In accordance with DoDEA regulations, the Gifted Education Program offers resource classes and other special services for students whose potential and/or performance is so extraordinarily high that they require differentiation in their instructional program. Students, parents or teachers may refer a student for Gifted Education. The Gifted Review Committee will determine a student's eligibility based on multiple measures of ability and then will review his or her progress on a yearly basis. Students who are eligible for Gifted Education services will receive instructional services based on their individual strengths. The services available are:

  1. Regular classroom with differentiation of instruction
  2. Regular classroom with cluster-grouping and differentiation of instruction
  3. Regular classroom with grade acceleration of specific content
  4. Resource Class
  5. Grade Acceleration
  6. Individualized Services
  7. Additional Opportunities

The Gifted Education Program provides a challenging way for students to stretch their minds and use their brains to achieve their highest potential in school and in life. Critical and creative thinking, as well as problem solving, are the focus of the Gifted Education Program. Students follow Bloom's Taxonomy as they seek knowledge, gain comprehension and try applications. Once these basic thinking skills are mastered, students then try to excel at the higher level thinking skills of analysis, syntheses, and evaluation.