Department of Defense Education Activity

Arrival at School:
Students enter classrooms when the bell rings at 0815 with dismissal for all students is 1445. Morning supervision for arrival of bus riding students begins with the arrival of the first bus. Students who walk or are dropped off to school by their parents should arrive no earlier than 0800. Students will be considered late if they arrive after the bell has rung. Students will need to sign in at the office, accompanied by a parent, and receive a pass if they arrive after 0815.

Dress Code:
Germany gets lots of rain and the weather changes at a moment's notice. It can be warm and sunny one minute and wet and cold the next. Since students are outside every day for recess, passing to and from special classes, and to lunch, they should arrive dressed for variable weather conditions. Shoes should also be suitable to wear in any weather. Due to safety considerations, the wearing of flip-flops is not allowed. In the winter months, dressing for the weather is very important as daily recess is held outdoors. Student's winter clothing should include gloves, hats, and outdoor jackets to safely withstand the wet, cold winter weather.

Visitor Guidelines: Parents are welcomed and encouraged to visit school to observe their children in a classroom situation; however, you are asked to inform the teacher prior to your visit by note, E-mail message or phone 24 hours in advance. This ensures the class is not at a specialist's class or that an activity such as testing is taking place which could be disrupted if a parent visits unexpectedly. Students who wish to bring a guest must receive the approval of all teachers involved as well as an administrator. All visitors are required to stop by the main office to sign-in, show identification, and obtain a pass in order to maintain a safe and secure learning environment for our students.

Messages / Transportation Changes:
In order to ensure optimal safety and security measures are in place, any transportation changes for a student have to be made in person. Exceptions may be made for urgent emergencies. School personnel cannot accept a change of plans after 1415. It is challenging and disruptive to learning to pass along changes at the end of the school day for over 900 children. Ultimately, the best practice is for families to discuss after-school plans with your child before sending them to school. We appreciate your understanding and support of this policy and know that we all want to create the safest environment for our children. Please discuss after school plans with your child before sending them to school.

School Handbook

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