Department of Defense Education Activity
Special Education

In DoDEA, we embrace the notion that all students will be successful in our schools. Special educators work collaboratively with general educators and share the responsibility for ensuring that students with identified disabilities will meet with success. All students can learn when instruction is geared to their strengths and they are given sufficient opportunity to learn. Special education is specially designed instruction, support, and services provided to students with an identified disability requiring an individually designed instructional program to meet their unique learning needs.

Instructional Models

Instruction for these children is delivered in the most appropriate manner. Ways students can be served are as follows:

  1. Pull out programs where students leave their regular classroom for a specified portion of the day to work with a certified special educator.
  2. Inclusion of support and instruction for the student is given in the regular classroom. The classroom teacher and special educator plan cooperative lessons and arrangements that are in the best interest of the student.
  3. When the Individual Education Program (IEP) dictates, para-educators (instructional aides trained in special education techniques) provide support in the regular classroom or in the learning center room.
  4. Consultations are provided to the regular education teacher(s) by the special educator.
  5. Related services are provided within the classroom setting or outside of the regular classroom in a specialized setting, depending on what is the least restrictive environment.
Related Services
  1. School Psychologist Services
  2. Speech
  3. Social Work Services
  4. Audiology
  5. Occupational Therapy
  6. Physical Therapy