Policies & Procedures

Complete Handbook can be found in the lower right panel.

Student Conduct and Expectations

"Do the right thing, even when nobody is watching."

The RMS staff and administration work diligently to encourage students to develop and demonstrate the behavior that will help them be successful citizens.  These are our expectations for students:

  1. Be polite and respectful of others.
  2. Keep hands, feet, and objects to self and limit touching of others.
  3. Be prompt and prepared.
  4. Use appropriate language and a conversational voice.
  5. Eat, drink, and "hang out" only in designated areas.
  6. Clean up and dispose of garbage appropriately.
  7. Although, not allowed inside, the use of skateboards (In a designated area only during lunch) is a privilege contingent upon the use of proper safety equipment (strapped helmet). Violations of this rule will result in temporary confiscation of the skateboard. Continued violations will result in required parent pick-up of the skateboard and being unable to bring it back to school. Skateboards may not be loaned to friends at school.