Department of Defense Education Activity


DoDEA's above-school level staffing is divided across three general categories. These three categories each maintain staff at the Headquarters, regional (area), and district levels. Under the new RSA structure, functions will be centralized and directed from Headquarters. This will foster collaboration, consistency, and improved communication among staff at all levels.


DoDEA's Education division is responsible for various aspects related to academic achievement, student performance, and professional development for teachers. Led by the Deputy Director and Associate Director for Academics, the Education function is responsible for standards and curriculum, integrated content and assessment, teaching and learning, student services, and partnership resources.

Under RSA, centralization will enable Education to create consistent standards and assessments across districts and schools, while also ensuring that educators can focus on the academic needs of the students.

Operations and Support

DoDEA's Financial and Business Operations division includes a myriad of processes, infrastructure, and resources required to operate DoDEA schools. Under the direction of Associate Director for Financial & Business Operations, F&BO functions encompass human resources, IT, facilities, procurement, safety, security, logistics, and resource management. DoDEA's Support functions encompass the policy and oversight that govern the organization, and serve in key wrap-around support roles. This includes General Counsel, Investigations and Internal Review, Equal Employment Opportunity Programs, Labor Management and Employee Relations, and Communications.

Under RSA, the decision-making chain is shorter, allowing for direct guidance from functional experts between districts and Headquarters. This creates faster and more consistent decision-making within the functions as well as transparent and reliable policy throughout the field. Operations and Support staff will then be able to provide more effective functional support and a higher quality of service to Superintendents and Principals.