Department of Defense Education Activity

Rationale for future-state DoDEA Structure

DoDEA's strategic priorities - College and Career Readiness (CCR) and Restructuring for Student Achievement (RSA) - were informed by study of area, district, and school-level operations made by Director Tom Brady and DoDEA senior leadership. The analysis considered DoDEA's Community Strategic Plan, information from an independent study of DoDEA's above-school level structure, as well as best practices from high performing public stateside school districts. Together these elements revealed opportunities to strengthen roles and functions consistent with traditional State and Local Education Agencies that typically administer public schools. DoDEA's RSA priority specifically focuses on reorganizing the above-school level structure to improve performance of key education, financial, and business support functions thereby allowing DoDEA to implement an aligned standards-based school system (College and Career Ready standards and curriculum).