Department of Defense Education Activity

Summary Of Changes

Above-School Level Changes

RSA will affect less than 10 percent of the DoDEA workforce - to include a portion of above-school level staff at all organizational levels (Headquarters, regional (area), and district). While DoDEA will consolidate districts - from 14 to eight - RSA is more than an exercise in redistricting. RSA is designed to shorten the path between schools and the resources schools need to help students and teachers in the classroom. To achieve this, RSA will create Centers for Instructional Leadership and Forward Integrated Support Teams.

Centers for Instructional Leadership

The Centers for Instructional Leadership (CILs), led by a Director for Student Excellence and a Chief of Instructional Leadership Development, are designed to provide schools and teachers with appropriate educational and professional development support. Located in Peachtree City, Georgia; Sembach, Germany; and Torii Station, Okinawa, each CIL hub will support a DoDEA region by providing targeted and timely professional development to staff, establishing leadership pathways for teachers and school leaders, ensuring consistency and conformity for DoDEA initiatives, and addressing skill gaps for district program support staff and instructional leaders.

Forward Integrated Support Team

The Forward Integrated Support Teams (FISTs) will provide necessary financial and business operations and support resources to regions and districts. These teams will specifically enable district superintendents to focus their time on educational priorities by relieving them of operational tasks. Superintendents will continue to direct resources and provide critical input; however, FIST resources will execute functional tasks thereby allowing superintendents to focus mission-critical initiatives.