Department of Defense Education Activity
All after school clubs and activities (i.e. jump rope, art, music, math, sports, etc.)will normally meet only on days that the school follows a full day schedule, NOT on early release days. There is no extra-curricular activity bus for students who participate in these activities. Parents whose child frequently rides a bus must make transportation and/or other arrangements for the student to be picked up from school following the activity. Notification of these activities will be sent to the parent along with the day and time of the activity. In addition, due to unforeseen training, meetings, or teacher absences, an activity may be canceled without advanced notice. The sponsoring teacher will endeavor to notify students and parents of the canceled activity if time permits. If the activity is canceled at the last minute, students will be notified through the school intercom system at the end of the instructional day.

Sponsors of clubs and extracurricular activities determine academic and behavioral (disciplinary) requirements that students must meet to participate in school sponsored extracurricular activities or to hold a leadership position in a curriculum-related club, team or student organization.

After-School Scholars

One on one tutoring will be provided for elementary school students.

Meeting Time: TBD

Open To: Primary Grades

Art Club

Students will have the opportunity to experiment with various media and create projects, while learning about different artists and art styles along the way.

Meeting Time: TBD

Open To: TBD

Chorus Club

Provides extra rehearsals during non-school time in preparation for full and small group performances at concerts, assemblies, school and community programs, and related activities. These extra rehearsals and practice sessions include sectional work and rehearsing with accompanists not available during regular school hours.

Performs organizational tasks (i.e., arranging and copying music, printing of programs, planning and scheduling of performances, arranging transportation, etc.).

In addition, is responsible for performing concerts during non-school time.

Meeting Time: TBD

Open To: Grades 4th - 6th

Discovery Club

This is a club that will take a close look at things like: Astronomy (Starlab) Geography the Globe- earth's continents and oceans Geology - stones and earth's make-up Ecology - the environment Meteorology - weather, climates, seasons, length of days and nights the equinox, solstice times and much more. Entomology - bugs History- the Age of Discovery, Egypt, world events and timelines Appreciation of Science.

Meeting Time: TBD

Open To: Grade 3rd - 5th

Drama Club

Students will write their own creative scripts and perform for classmates or others.

Meeting Time: TBD

Open To: TBD

Gardening Club

A hands-on approach to gardening Students can learn to appreciate the value of proper watering, harvesting and eating of organic vegetables. Help children develop an understanding through caring for growing plants Teach skills through a direct, garden-based learning

Meeting Time: TBD

Open To: TBD

Green Club

Foster an appreciation of Science. Learn about recycling, environmental concerns, etc. Assist in coordinating, promotion, and publicizing recycling within the school

Meeting Time: TBD

Open To: Grades 3rd - 5th

Math Club

The Math Club will give students an opportunity to experience a hands-on mathematical approach utilizing math games, manipulatives, and technology. More importantly, it will allow students to experience Math through peer-to-peer collaboration and independent learning, while trying to meet their unique learning style. This is an exciting opportunity for your child to extend his/her mathematical learning, sharpen their mathematical skills, and enhance their attitude toward the subject of mathematics.

Meeting Time: TBD

Open To: 2nd Graders

SPANISH Cooking Club

The main goal of the club is for kids to hear and use Spanish while having fun and cooking.

The class will be taught in Spanish and the children will be required to use Spanish to participate. The level of Spanish ability is not important, what is important is that the students participating do their best to interact in the target language of Spanish. We will cook a variety of Latin American and Spanish recipes and decorate a recipe book that the students can keep.

Meeting Time: TBD

Open To: 1st Graders