Department of Defense Education Activity

Rota ES: Policies and Procedures

Arrival at School

Children may arrive no earlier than 0810, fifteen minutes before the line-up whistle. Children (grades 1-5) should report to the playground for morning recess. Parents are advised not to allow their children to leave home too early. Parents who must report early for work or PT should not drop their children off before 0810. Other childcare options should be utilized. Parents will be notified if their child continues to arrive at school too early. Should the problem persist, the chain of command will be notified.

Rather than enter the building prior to 0825, parents should also wait outside with their children. Parents are encouraged to say their goodbyes at the playground rather than enter the building with their child's line. Rota Elementary School aims to develop self-monitoring and independence.

  • 0810 Supervision begins on the playground and school buses begin to arrive
  • 0823 Duty teachers signal for classes to line up
  • 0825 Student lines enter the building
  • 0830 All students should be in their classrooms ready for instruction

Children in PSCD, Sure Start, and kindergarten who do not ride the bus will be met by para-educatorsat 0825 at the campus gate or classroom door. Students younger than first grademust have parent to para-educator hand off both during arrival and dismissal.


DoDEA-R 2095.01

Attendance Procedures

DoDDS expects that all children willattend school and classes regularly and punctually. The classroom teacher will initiatecontact parents when child absences become a concern. If a student is absentfor three consecutive days without notice or if recurring absences begin apattern, teachers will contact the school nurse. Five or more absences in asemester are considered excessive. If a student continues to display a regular absentee pattern or excessive irregular absences, teachers will to contact the school counselor. The school will take actions to encourage students toestablish patterns of good attendance so they will have the opportunity to be successful in their educational programs.

Absence from school is recognized as necessary under certain conditions. Every effort must be made by students, sponsors, parent, legal guardians, teachers, and administrators to keep absences and tardiness to a minimum.

Excused absences include:

  • Personal illness
  • Medical, dental,or mental health appointment
  • Serious illnessin the student's immediate family
  • Death in the student's immediate family
  • Religious holiday
  • Emergency conditions such as fire, flood, or storm
  • Unique family circumstances warranting absence and coordinated with the school administration
  • Reasonable amounts of time surrounding deployments and reintegration
  • Pandemic event

Unexcused absences include:

  • Family vacations, particularly discretionary leave
  • Absences during standardized testing
  • Disciplinary actions to include suspension
  • Absence from school without written verification from sponsor or parent

Administrative Actions

Parents/sponsors/legal guardian's will be contacted regarding excessive unexcused absences and reminded of the DoDDS attendance policy. A concerted effort by school personnel will be made to prevent and remedy absentism and tardiness in the early stages. Students will be referred to the counselor and/or the nurse personnel in an effort to reduce thefrequency of unexcused absences or tardies.

For planned absences of five or more days, sponsors are requested to complete a pre-arranged absence form and meet with administration.

Tardiness : Students who arrive just after the tardy bell has rung should report directly to class. When a student arrives after 0905, they are expected to sign in at the office and receive a tardy pass. (See tardy policy for more information.)


Students are dismissed at the end of the day NLT 1500 (1100 on half-day dismissals and1345 on early release days). School busses depart at 1510 (1110 on half-day dismissals and 1355 on early release days). Students are not allowed to remain on the school grounds after dismissal unless they are participating in sponsored after school activities or accompanied by a parent. Students should not return to their teacher's classroom after the staff duty day.

Early Dismissal from School

If a parent would like to have their child to be dismissed from school early, they should notify the teacher in writing . In the note, indicate when they will come to pick up their child. In any event,the student will remain in the classroom until the parent arrives to sign the student out. To diminish interruptions to the classroom, parents are requested to wait at the office while the child is called to the office. Students will not be dismissed from school unless the office staff or the teacher has been notified.

Security will be contacted when students are not picked up by 1600.

Student Dress Code

DGF Elementary Students are encouraged to take pride in their dress and conduct. Dress standards help children learn to dress appropriately for the occasion or situation. Proper dress for school helps students to build self-esteem and understand that school is a place for work. Clothing or dress that calls undue attention to the child or disrupts the classroom is prohibited. Bandanas or gang related clothing are not permitted.

Students have recess twice daily, and they have physical education every third day. DGF wants students to be active and make the most of their time in these activities. All items of personal clothing and possessions, i including raincoats, umbrellas, jackets, etc., should be plainly marked with the child's name. This will facilitate claiming and returning lost items. Lost and Found is located in the first grade hallway just off the playground. Each school year countless items go unclaimed. Lost and Found articles in good condition are given to charity during the summer.

Students are expected to adhere to the following:


  • All items should fit modestly. Attire should not be excessively loose or tight-fitting.
  • Excessively short shorts, skirts, skorts or dresses are not appropriate for school. These articles or slits in clothing must reach the end of the wearer's fingertips when arms are straightened along one's sides.
  • Pants and shorts must be worn at the waist at all times - no sagging, tears, cuts or holes.
  • Underwear should not be visible or worn as exterior clothing.
  • Tops and bottoms should meet and not allow the midriff to be exposed.
  • Shoulder straps on tops should be three finger's width. Spaghetti straps should be covered with another shirt.
  • With the exception of spirit days, no pajamas or slippers will be worn at school.
  • Items or words not allowed at school cannot be worn on clothing such as profanity, euphuisms of profanity, drug or alcohol related words or products, etc.



  • The campus has many surfaces including stairs, rubber tile, ceramic tile, carpet and linoleum. Shoes must be worn at all times, fit well, and be comfortable and safe.
  • Sport or running shoes with lace-up or Velcro closures provide the most protection for active students.
  • Backless shoes, clogs, flip-flops, etc. present safety hazards at recess, on the stairs, and in PE, and should not be worn.
  • Dress shoes or boots with high heels also present safety hazards. Heels no more than a half-inch are recommended.
  • Students must wear socks and athletic footwear on PE days, or they cannot participate.



  • During cold weather, children must wear enough warm clothing, so they can remain outside for at least 25 minutes each day during recess periods. Students go outside for recess as long as it is dry.



Official parking places are located in the parking lot adjacent to the kindergarten wing off Granada Street and street parking along, Malaga, Lograno and Alicante Streets. Parking spaces immediately adjacent to the office are short term/15 minutes only and should not be used for morning drop-off or afternoon pickup. Parents should use the official drop-off lane in the parking lot on Granada Street.

Handicapped parking spaces are available in the parking lot on Granada Street and adjacent to the school along Alicante Street.

School Wide Rules

The key to the success of the program is consistent non-emotional application of consequences for rule infractions. The rules are adapted from Judicious Discipline, by Forrest Gathercoal. DGFElementary school rules are applied in all settings and situations.

  • 1. Act in a safe and healthy way .

  • Use furniture appropriately, remain in designated area, walk in the building and other designated areas, follow playground rules, follow bus riding rules, keep hands and feet to self.

  • 2. Treat all property with respect.

  • Take care of textbooks, library books, school furniture, school bathrooms, computers, and personal property of others. Borrow the property of others ONLY after asking permission. Bring only approved, school-related materials to school.

  • 3. Respect the rights and needs of others.

  • Work without disruptions, show courtesy towards others, cooperate to help others learn, use appropriate language, feel good about yourselves.

  • 4. Take responsibility for learning.

  • Strive for excellence, work hard and do your best, come to school prepared to learn, be a good listener, turn in your assignments on time, do your homework, keep track of your materials, set a good example for others.

School Handbook

Office of DoDEA Policy

The Policy Team of OPLP administers and operates the DoDEA Issuance Program, the Issuance Focal Point Working Group, and facilitates DoD-level issuance coordination for DoDEA.

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