DGF School Lunch Program 2016/17




**Attention PARENTS**
The SY 15/16 Free and Reduced Meal applications are being accepted immediately and throughout the upcoming 16/17 school year. 

Approval determinations for all free or reduced lunch eligible personnel will be made by the Navy Child and Youth Programs School Liaison Officer, (+34-956-82-1104) located at DGF High School Room 18. 
Please submit your application (CNIC 1700/48, MAY2013), with a copy of your family household income and Leave and Earnings Statement (LES) for the current month to either the DGF Elementary or High School Administrative Offices.

Applications for the school meal program may be obtained by emailing:
 SLORota@eu.navy.mil, amber.richardson@eu.navy.mil
Application for Meal Program
(CNIC 1700/48 Form)
** Letter from the School Liaison Officer about the Free and Reduced Lunch Application**
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