Department of Defense Education Activity

Sasebo ES: Special Education


-SES provides a range of support services to students. These services are based upon the individual needs of the child. If you would like information on any of the following services please contact SES Administrative Office. To find general information about Special Education services provided by DoDEA please visit .


-This committee is comprised of teachers and specialists who work with students that demonstrate delays in learning or communication. The CSC is governed by federal laws and mandates established by the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA). The CSC's purpose is to provide consultative help to parents & teachers, evaluate at-risk students, develop & implement individualized education programs (IEP's) while providing services for identified special education students. The CORE team meets weekly and consists of a school administrator, classroom teachers, special educators, counselor, nurse, speech/language therapists, and preschool staff. Parents of students considered for special education placement become part of the team and are required to attend meetings.


- If you have a child 3 years old or older and you are concerned about his/her growth in one or more of the following areas:

• Memory & Problem Solving Skills

• Self-Help Skills

• Social Emotional Skills

• Speech & Language Skills

• Motor Skills (gross and fine motor abilities)

• Learning and retaining new information learned in school please contact SES to speak to a member of the Child Find team.


- Speech and language services are provided for students who have communication impairments that adversely affect their educational performance. Students with identified delays in articulation, stuttering, voice and language/phonology maybe eligible for SLP support in a small group or pullout setting. The Case Study Committee determines eligibility for these services.