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Happy Summer!

While a good portion of our Sembach ES’ families will be in transition these next few weeks, be it summer or PCS-related travel, here’s some “elementary distance learning” to pack into your suitcases to keep the skills’ sets fresh and the dendrites in constant problem-solving and thinking modes throughout summer 2018:
· Have children read books, magazines, comics, or any other type of printed material daily. When reading, continue to ask Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How questions to keep comprehension skills exercised.
· Read nonfiction books about subjects interesting to the child and read them together. This will assist your child with information reading as their elementary school year progresses with each passing school year.
· Take educational field trips to zoos, museums, historical sites, aquariums, etc. in our immedi-ate community. Go more than once and have children create scavenger hunts for you or each other or find the locale on-line before going and predict what you will see/do. Many of these locales have educational links to their websites, too.
· Work with time, money, and measurement concepts through family fun activities.
· Google “math games” and find ways to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, and divi-sion facts, as well as other math concepts. Some starter considerations include
· Explore different online math sites to keep skills sharp. Give your child a “Problem of the Day” to solve. Have your child demonstrate his/her mathematical understanding in numbers, pic-tures, and words (explaining his/her thinking).
· Encourage writing in a journal daily about whatever interests the child. Write back in the jour-nal, asking questions about chosen entries and/or simply write your comments to what your child has written to encourage further writing. After a week or so, have your child select a journal entry to “publish” with your assistance. Editing the work and creating the final draft along with illustrations can also help your child with his/her ongoing writing development.
· Compare and contrast books and movies. Instead of asking which one was more enjoyable, ask, “What was added?” “What was missing?” “What was emphasized?” and “What did you like/dislike?” when discussing the books and movie versions of similar storylines.
Thank you for your continued support and lasting partnerships, wishing everyone a peaceful summer!

Ms. Morin, Principal

Sembach ES Goals

Academic Goal/Interactive Read Aloud

At SES all students will increase their reading proficiency with 80 % meeting

on or above grade level, as measured by BAS.


Organizational  Goal/Collaboration

SES will develop, implement and maintain effective Weekly collaboration for

all educators, as measured by The Europe East collaboration rubric.



SES Vision:

At Sembach Elementary School we are problem solvers who don't give up!

SES Mission:

The mission of Sembach Elementary School is to educate, engage, and empower each student to succeed in a dynamic world.




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Sembach ES

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It is the responsibility of the parents or guardians to notify the school every time a student is absent.

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