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Planning For Weather Conditions

Dear Sembach MS Families:

It is time to make plans for how your family will respond to weather conditions. Bus delays and schedule changes require a two hour "heads up" for the bus office. So if the weather looks good at 0400, we have school. If the weather turns bad at 0430 or 0500, we may not be able to stop the process!!!  Also, if you live in a town with hills, please know that the decision to have school did not consider your hill!!!  The weather can be bad in your area and fine near base.

No matter what decision is made, someone will be able to find fault with that decision.  Once the decision is made, we all respond appropriately.

What does that mean for all of us?  The best person to determine how your children get to school on a wintery weather day is you!!

Even if the buses are a go, they may not make it to your town or they might be late.  Now is the time to plan for the winter days that include ice and snow and dangerous driving conditions. How will you find out if school is delayed or cancelled?

AFN radio and television (see attached).

SBMS will send out emails about 0700 with what we know. We will continue to send updates.

What is a two hour delay? We will start school two hours late. Everything happens 2 hours later than normal. If your bus picks you up at 0715 normally, you will be picked up at 0915 on a 2 hour delay day.  The school bell will ring at 0955.

If the weather is bad, we have school and you have to leave for work, how will you make sure your kids don't get caught at the bus stop without a bus?


  • Take them with you. We are open at 0700. We can help with supervision on these winter days.
  • Stay home until the bus gets the kids. Have a back-up plan if the bus doesn't arrive. Have your kids return home or if no one will be there, make arrangements with a neighbor. What if the weather turns bad during the school day?

Remember, it takes 2 hours to gather the buses to send your kids home. If the weather gets bad at 1200, we can't get the buses to the school until 1400, so students might as well stay at school. 

The most likely scenario is you will be released from work early. Come and get your kids and take them home with you before the roads get too bad.

If a route to a town closes, we keep the kids until you come and get them.

As always, we want to help make sure your students are safe. If you are new to Sembach, we anticipate rough weather during the November and December time frame.  January-March are cold, grey and there will be occasional snow and ice. We have many months of weather ahead of us.

Don't wait for that first day of weather to have a plan.

Call 480-COLD(06371-47-2653)

Listen AFN100.2FM (6a.m.-6p.m.)

Watch AFN Television


Monitor Facebook&Twitter

IMCOM-EUROPE Road Conditions & School Closures;

During ROADCON RED and BLACK, AFNTV will post a crawl message informing viewers.

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    Community Strategic Plan (CSP) Closeout Report

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SMS Vision:

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SMS Mission:

To Educate, Engage, and Empower Each student to succeed in a dynamic world.

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All students will demonstrate increased proficiency in reading comprehension of informational text.

Goal 2:

All students will demonstrate increased proficiency in Mathematical Problem Solving.
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