Student Clubs

Jazz Band
Eligibility: All band members who have had at least 1 year of experience, or by invitation from Mrs. Brackett.
Description: This is for experienced players, not beginners. We will practice Jazz/Rock songs to perform at the concerts.
Meeting Time: Every Thursday after school for at least an hour. The week of the concert we practice Tuesday after school.
Additional Information: If you want to perform with the "Jazz Band" you have to come to the rehearsals. Each band member will receive extra credit.

National Honor Society
Eligibility: A 3.5 GPA, good citizenship, good leadership, service, character, teacher recommendations.
Description: Students must maintain high academic standing, have no discipline issues, participate in all meetings and earn at least four service hours per quarter.
Meeting Time: Tuesdays at 12:30
Additional Information: Some after school and Saturday events may be held.

Marathoner's Club
Eligibility: All grade 4-8 students
Description: Come prepared to run a cross country course approximately 1.5 miles
Meeting Time: Weekly meetings from 3-4 PM, generally on Tuesday.
Additional Information: Participants must have a signed parental permission form on file.

AAEC (Academic Athletic Excellence Club)

Eligibility: 7/8 graders maintaining a GPA of a 2.0 or better are eligible to participate in a variety of sport events held throughout the SY. i.e. - parent student teacher basketball games, softball games, mile run competition etc.
Description: The club actively recruits and encourages academic/athletic excellence. This better prepares the student athlete for the rigor of high school athletics.
Meeting Time:

SMS Mentors/Tutors

Eligibility: 7/8 graders maintaining a GPA of 3.0 - 4.0
The upper echelon of our student body are tasked with the daunting challenge of mentoring and tutoring the SES Sure Start program students as well as our very own grades 4/5 graders. Under the guidance of Mr. Ward the Sure Start Instructor and our 4/5 grade staff, the students provide support for students in various capacities.
Meeting Time: Basic Schedule 30 minute time limit 1-3 days monthly.
Additional Information: Lending support to the Sure Start Program for K-3 is a huge hit for most of the mentors/tutors. Grades 4/5 are much more challenging :-)

W.U.T.F. (Wake up to Fitness)

Eligibility: All Students
Description: Each morning the gymnasium is open from 0730-0755 to allow students the opportunity to be active. Whether it be hula hooping, tossing the football, jumping rope or the favorite shooting baskets, you can count on having up to 40 students lined up at the door.
Meeting Time: 0730-0755
Additional Information: PROPER CONDUCT IS AN ABSOLUTE MUST. P.S.D.S.(personal, social developmental skills)

Art Club

Eligibility: All Students
Description: The purpose of Art Club is to give all students an opportunity to create. Student interest drives Art Club activities, but previous activities have included tie-dye, claymation, papier mache, set design, tape sculptures, pretzel sculptures and action art.
Meeting time: Thursdays 1430-1600
Additional Information: Space and resources limited to 25 students.

Yearbook Club

Eligibility: 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students
Description: The purpose of Yearbook Club is to increase student participation and contribution in the creation of the SMS Yearbook. Activities include photography, layout and copy creation, and promotion.
Meeting time: Mondays and Fridays 1430-1600
Additional Information: Space limited to 15 students. Some photography assignments may be outside set club times.