Department of Defense Education Activity

Policies & Procedures

Late Arrivals

Late arrivals will be considered "tardy unexcused" unless the school receives written verification from the parent or sponsor consistent with the reasons for excused absences.

Early Dismissal

All students must have written permission from a parent or sponsor before leaving school while it is in session. Early dismissal will be documented based upon the time the student is dismissed from school. This will be counted as an absence from school using a quarter of the school day formula, in accordance with DoDEA REGULATION 2095.01

Visitor Procedures

GET A PASS in order to maintain a safe and secure learning environment for our students. If
you are bringing something to school for your child, please take it to the Main Office rather than
to your child's classroom.

Appearance/Dress Code

Student dress and personal grooming are the responsibility of you and your parents and must be appropriate for school. The following garments and items are prohibited at SMS.

  • Clothing with offensive words or obscene pictures.

  • For sanitary and safety reasons, bare feet are not allowed at any time. Due to the nature of the building (stairs, concrete courtyard, play areas, etc.), for safety reasons, flip flops may not be worn.

  • Tank tops and halter-tops, spaghetti strapped tops or dresses or tube tops (no bra strapsshowing).

  • Blouses/T-Shirts/shorts that do not completely cover abdominal area (front & back).

  • Sagging pants

  • Wearing of gang related symbols, or items that promote gang identity or behavior.

  • Paraphernalia, which promotes, advertises, or encourages illegal or socially unacceptable actions, is not acceptable within this school community. This includes jewelry, t-shirts,or patches, which fall into the above category.

  • Skirts, shorts, short trousers, and pants shorter than your longest fingertip. While standing at attention, with hands at sides, your apparel must be worn past your longest fingertip.

  • Additionally, caps, hats, and sunglasses are to be removed before entering the building.Bulky winter coats are to be stored in your locker rather than worn in classrooms.


As a student in the Department of Defense Dependent Schools, students are asked to commit themselves to the following general rules of conduct that are intended to preserve a healthy and productive learning environment for all students.

Additional information about student rights and responsibilities in DoDEA can be found on the DoDEA homepage .


A Principal's daily News Bulletin is sent home electronically every day. The newsletter is an example of our belief that communication between home and community is essential to our partnership program. These newsletters will inform you of new programs at school, up-coming events, important dates to remember, requests for volunteers, lunch menus, etc. Please be sure that the Main Office has your correct electronic mail address.

Electronic Devices

CD players, walkmen, I-pods, MP3 players, all electronic music devices are to be left at home. If a student brings a cell phone to school, it needs to be turned off, given to the teacher or kept in the child's locker or book bag.

Homework Policy

Research indicates that homework significantly increases the rate of permanency of learning. Homework is assigned on a regular basis in accordance with the needs and abilities of individual students and in support of the instructional objectives of the particular curricular area.

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