School Advisory Committee: Seoul American ES

What is the School Advisory Committee  (SAC)?

The school advisory committee (SAC) is a committee consisting of parents and teachers which advises the principal on matters affecting the operation of the school. Traditionally, the SAC meets once a month on the second Tuesday of the month at 3:30 in the fiction section of the library. However, please check the Dolphin Dispatch Calendar for exact dates and times.

Why Should I Attend SAC Meetings? 

By attending the SAC, you, as a parent, have a voice in your child's education. You can help resolve community concerns about the school. You can lobby for change when a current situation needs improvement. This council was formed specifically for military schools to promote communication and problem solving among administrators, teachers, and parents. Please be active in adding your voice to our SAC meetings.

Areas of Concern Which the SAC Addresses:

  • School policies  - Concerning students, parents, student activities, and administrative procedures affecting students.
  • Curriculum - Instructional programs and educational resources within the school
  • Allocation of resources -Within the school to achieve educational goals
  • Student resources - Health, special education, testing, counseling, and extracurricular activities
  • Student Standards - Conduct, dress, and discipline


1. Provide an open forum where parents, teachers and administration work together and problem solve to improve the quality of the educational experience given to each student at SAES in a productive manner.

2. Improve "Home to School" and "School to Home" communication.

3. Ensure the school and teachers have adequate supplies and resources to educate children properly.

Contact your SAC representative at or with any questions or concerns.