Department of Defense Education Activity

Sevilla EMS serves on average 32 students who are dependents of civilian and military personnel stationed at Morón Air Base located 35 miles from Sevilla, Spain. The active duty dependent students are here on a controlled tour of two years with their sponsor. The elementary/middle school is grouped into four classes (full-day Kindergarten/First grades, Second/Third grades, Fourth/Fifth grades and Sixth, Seventh/Eighth grades) and are taught by eight full-time and half-time professional staff members.

Among the aforementioned staff is a Host Nation instructor who teaches Spanish to the student body. The Host Nation curriculum includes study trips to expose students to the Spanish culture. Kindergarten/First grade is authorized a para-professional to assist with the instructional program. Parent volunteers work directly with students and/or serve in various academic support roles.

We are fortunate in having an extremely dedicated staff and a large group of parent and military volunteers. Our mission is to provide a first class education in a safe, caring, and nurturing environment, where all may achieve their maximum potential.

School Colors: Blue, Silver, & White

Mascot Name: Sem

Grades Served: K-8

Enrollment: 32

Computer/Student ratio: 1:1

Teacher/Student ratio: Primary: 1:7, Intermediate: 1:6