Department of Defense Education Activity


Bullying in any form is a social injustice and will not be tolerated at SPANGDAHLEM Middle School.

Bullying is the deliberate mistreatment of one child or a group of children by another, either emotionally or physically. We believe that bullying others is wrong because:

  • it hurts feelings
  • it can hurt physically
  • it can make people feel worthless, powerless, and unsafe
  • it inhibits learning

Please help us to stamp out bullying by refusing to be involved in any bullying situations. If you are aware of bullying going on, please have the courage to speak out, report the incident to an adult, or complete an “Incident Report” in the main office where an administrator can assist you. Administration will promptly investigate and respond to incidents or complaints involving students made by students, parents, teachers, or DoDEA staff members. Complaints may include, but are not limited to, incidents of discrimination, harassment (including sexual harassment), intimidation, hazing, bullying (including cyber-bullying on social media platforms, or retaliation. Administration will ensure that no retaliation is taken against a student for raising concerns, reporting claims, or filing complaints alleging discrimination or harassment (including sexual harassment, intimidation, hazing, or bullying (including cyber-bullying) based on race, sex, color, national origin, disability, religions, age, sexual orientation, or status as a parent or for testifying, assisting or participating in any matter in an investigation or other proceeding raising such claims. A student who is found by the Administration to have made an intentional false claim, complaint etc. may be disciplined in accordance with rules, regulations, policies, and procedures.