Department of Defense Education Activity

Bus Conduct / Transportation

The time students spend going to and from school is an extension of their school day. School buses are an extension of the school campus. Riding school buses is a privilege, not a right, which may be suspended or revoked if a student does not behave in a safe and proper manner in accordance with DoDEA behavior expectations. The standards are there to help ensure the safety of all children while riding the bus and strict compliance is expected at all times.

  1. For safety purposes, parents/sponsors should:
    1. Ensure students are at their bus stop a minimum of 5 minutes prior to bus departure time and that students always carry their bus pass with them when they ride the bus. Students must be registered with the bus transportation office to ride a school bus. Students are only authorized to ride the bus for which they are registered for, unless prior coordination and approval has been received from the bus transportation office.
    2. Be aware that German Law does not require traffic to stop for school buses during loading/unloading. Students should exit the bus and wait on the sidewalk where the driver can see them. After the bus has departed, the student should proceed to the nearest pedestrian crossing, or if no crossing is available, cross the street only after ensuring it is safe to cross. Younger students should be taught and reminded regularly about proper road crossing procedures.
    3. Develop alternate home/family plans in case school is dismissed early because of inclement weather, etc.    

  2. Proper conduct of children is the responsibility of parents/sponsors.
    1. Parent/Sponsor responsibility for proper student conduct includes student’s en-route to/from the bus stop, at the bus stop, on the school bus, and at school.
    2. Students reported for misconduct/safety violations on or around a school bus, may have corrective action taken, to include loss of riding privileges and notification being sent to the parent/sponsor’s commander. Additionally, parent/sponsors are liable for damages caused by their student(s).
    3. Teach and expect proper and appropriate student conduct.

If a student is written up by the bus driver, appropriate disciplinary action will be at the discretion of the principal or designee.