Department of Defense Education Activity

A student who withdraws from school with PCS orders within twenty (20) days of the end of a semester may be placed on an acceleration program that allows the student to earn full academic credit for the semester. The request for the acceleration program must be made through the principal's office at least thirty (30) days prior to the student's proposed withdrawal date. Teachers will provide additional assignments and assessment opportunities to cover the instructional time lost by the student's early departure. The completion of a semester examination may be required by the teacher. Please speak with the main office to obtain the earliest date for an acceleration program for the current school year. Classes in which the student is currently failing are not normally approved for acceleration. Acceleration programs are provided only in the case of PCS moves.


Please come to the main office at least 2 weeks in advance if you are PCS'ing. This allows ample time to prepare teachers and gather the required records. The actual clearance is a 3-day process so it is important to give yourself a week to outprocess your child from the school.