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Spangdahlem MS: Policies and Procedures


The SPANGDAHLEM Middle School Education program is organized on the basic assumption that all students will attend school/class regularly and punctually. Adherence to the school attendance policy is the responsibility of the parents and students. Parents will be consistently and periodically informed of student absences in order for them to exercise parental control and responsibility. The purpose of this action is to establish patterns of good attendance and to assure that educational programs have an opportunity to be successful. No unauthorized absence will be taken lightly. If a student is going to be absent, a parent/sponsor is required to notify the school by 8:00 am on the day of the absence.


The sponsor or guardian must sign their student in or out through the main office if they are arriving late (after the 0800 bell) or leaving school early.

All students who are to be dismissed earlier than the regular dismissal time are required to sign-out with a parent/sponsor in the front office. Only the school nurse or administrator has the authority to send sick students home. Parents are contacted to pick up the student. Failure to follow the above rule will result in an unexcused absence.


Parent Visits

Parents are invited to participate in the annual Open House held in the fall. Classroom visits are welcome. To arrange a classroom visit, notify your child's teachers and administration with as much advance notice as possible. For safety and security purposes please check in at the front office and pick up a visitor's badge. Regular classroom instruction will continue, as this is not a time for a parent/teacher conference.

Student Visitors

Students are required to pick up a visitor's application form from the office on which all students' teachers and the principal must sign indicating their approval. This must be done at least three days prior to bringing the visitor. Sponsoring students are responsible for the behavior of the visitor.


Students' dress and appearance must be appropriate for normal classroom instruction. Students will avoid dressing in a way that distracts others from their educational or professional duties. The school administration reserves the right to decide what clothing is appropriate. Exemptions to dress code may be requested by a parent for religious or philosophical belief, disability, medical reason, or due to the financial hardship.


Personal electronic devices, including smart phones and MP3 players constitute electronic devices. Electronic devices may be used before and after school on campus. During school hours electronic devices will not be used, this includes in classrooms, hallways, cafeteria, restrooms, at lunch or during recess. Use of electronics during classroom instruction is at the teacher's discretion. Students and parents will assume all liability/responsibility for their property . Students who use these items outside before school must ensure the items are in the "off" position and out of sight before entering the school grounds. Improper use can result in a Behavior Notification.



Students, regardless of age, are responsible for conducting themselves in a safe manner that does not disrupt the educational opportunities of others or disturb the orderly operation of the school.

The SPANGDAHLEM Middle School faculty believes that students can learn and can be taught to manage their own behavior. With that belief, the faculty has established three general rules of conduct guiding the behavior of students:

1. Students will respect the rights and property of themselves and others;

2. Students will behave in such a manner as to create a positive learning environment;

3. Students will respect the health and safety of others.

Consult the Student Handbook for behaviors that will result in consequences.


The Acceptable User Policy is included in the Registration Packet and must be signed by the student and the sponsor prior to student use of any computer in the school. Violation of this policy may result in the temporary or permanent loss of computer privileges. Loss of computer privileges does not excuse a student from work required on the computer. Instead it requires them to accomplish said work outside of school.


Homework is an integral part of school and must be carefully prepared. A daily homework preparation period of approximately one to two hours is considered appropriate and is likely to be the overall average. However, the amount of homework students need to do will depend on the difficulty of their academic program and their capabilities. Agendas are provided for students to record their homework assignments daily.


We use video surveillance equipment at the entrances and on school grounds.

School Hours and Contacts

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