Department of Defense Education Activity

Policies & Procedures

The School Handbook provides information and guidance about school policies, procedures, and programs. You may download the full document in PDF format to read offline or use the links to the right to browse the information online.

Student Placement and Retention

When a student is already assigned to a classroom she/he must be in attendance for AT LEAST 30 DAYS BEFORE A REQUEST FOR CHANGE CAN BE ENTERTAINED.

The procedure will be as follows:

  • Parent/sponsor will submit a written cause for the requested change addressed to the principal.
  • Parent/sponsor and teacher will set up a conference to dialogue on the 1st bullet. Preferably administration and placement counselor should be in attendance.
  • An ad hoc committee will be created to evaluate the educational merits of the request. Depending on the change requested, the committee members should include classroom teachers (present and team leader), specialist (if applicable), Gifted Education teacher (if applicable), placement counselor and administration.
  • The committee will write its report and recommendations to be submitted to the principal who then will make the final decision.
  • Parent/sponsor will be duly notified.

The above process is normally completed within 10 working days

Student Responsibilities And Privileges

These guidelines are provided in DoDEA Manual 2051.2. The following areas of responsibility are outlined in the guide

  • Access to Learning
  • Freedom of Expression
  • Personal Appearance
  • Student Government
  • School Discipline
  • Protection of Personal Privacy
  • Sexual Harassment

The regulation addresses areas such as the right to an education, anti-discrimination, sexual harassment, freedom of expression, religion, personal appearance, student government and involvement, student activities, school and community social service and the right to complain.  This regulation is on file in the main office and you may view the regulation in its entirety with the following link:


Classes may take study trips as part of the instructional program and during the instructional day. Children MUST HAVE A PERMISSION SLIP SIGNED BY THE PARENT before they go on any trip leaving the school. If a parent does not want to send their child on a study trip, the child will be placed in another class for the duration of the study trip. Teachers have the discretion of withdrawing study trip privileges from students whose behavior is inappropriate. (Parents may attend with the child in these instances.) Chaperones may not bring a sibling of any age on a Study Trip, even if they drive separately. As an invited chaperone, one’s responsibility must be to supervise the students.

Telephone Messages

Please do not call the main office with routine messages for your child. The telephone in the main office is used by students only in emergencies; not to ask if they can go to a friend’s house after school. In case of an emergency when you MUST leave a message for your child, the office MUST be notified no later than 1400.


Students are responsible for books issued to them. The sponsor is ultimately responsible to pay for lost and/or severely damaged textbooks and library books. Please see the front office or the Information Center Specialist for further details.

Change Of Address, Phone Numbers, And Tour Extensions

Current home address, phone numbers, e-mail address, and an emergency contact name and phone numbers are mandatory. This vital information will be shared with the nurse, teachers, and school officials. Please call the Registration Clerk or the main school number 634-4523/24, or send in a “change of data” memo. The school office must be able to reach students’ parents in the case of an emergency. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Lost And Found

Please label your child’s materials. If they have lost any item at school, check with the school’s “Lost and Found.” Items not claimed by the end of the semester and school year will be donated to an approved charitable organization.