Department of Defense Education Activity

SHES Student Services

Student Services, also called Pupil Personnel Services (PPS) is an integral part of the total education program. Click here for DoDEA's main Student Support Services Page.

The PPS staff members partner with parents, community, students and other educators to assist in creating an educational environment conductive of academic, personal, social and career growth of all students.

Confidentiality of Student Services

Counseling is conducted with students and parents individually and in small groups when requested and determined appropriate. School counseling is short-term, voluntary and confidential. Parental permission is obtained prior to any extended individual or group counseling. Student Services staff may assess students at-risk without parent permission.

Confidentiality of student and family information is a priority for Pupil Personnel Staff Members. Information will remain confidential unless there is a need to know such as the threat of danger to one's self or others.

Nursing Services

Optimal learning requires good emotional and physical health. The School Nurse works with the school administrator to provide an environment that promotes optimal wellness and safety for all students. The school nurse provides individualized quality health care for students, emphasizes health education at all levels and utilizes available community and school resources to promote an overall healthy lifestyle for students, staff and families.

Some of the core services the school nurse provides are:
  • Conducting health screenings
  • Providing specialized health care and services
  • Assessing and evaluating individual growth and development
  • Monitoring of students immunizations

Counseling Services

School counselors are strategically positioned to help students in developing strategies to deal with educational, personal, and social challenges that may interfere with the educational process. To respond to the challenges of the DoDEA Strategic Plan, DoDEA is implementing a Competency-Based Counseling Program (CBCP) under the authority of DS 2946.1 in all schools. To meet the needs of all students today and tomorrow, the CBCP provides a balance of direct and indirect services and activities.

Psychology Services

School psychologists provide a range of services to assist students in their learning, growth and development by providing supportive services to help them meet academic and emotional challenges. School Psychological services consist of direct and indirect interventions that require involvement with the entire educational system, including the students, teachers, counselors, administrators, other school personnel, families, community agencies, and a variety of others that may be important on an individual basis. School Psychologists tailor their services to the particular needs of each child/adolescent and each situation.

Health Program and Services

Contact us: If your child contracts a communicable disease or undesirable mention (mumps, measles, scarlet fever, strep throat, chicken pox, impetigo, lice, or scabies) please report it to the school nurse at 634-0650.

Stay Home: Please do not send students to school who exhibit one or more of the following symptoms: fever greater than 100 degrees, chills, vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, inflamed or watery eyes, continuous coughing or runny nose, lethargy, unusual pallor or any condition that prevents the student from concentrating or participating in regular classroom activity. Return to school: Students may return to school if they have been fever free, nausea free, and /or diarrhea free, without the use of medication, for 24 hours from cessation of symptoms, that is, eating, drinking sleeping and playing normally. For contagious illness such as “pink eye”, ringworm (enterobiasis) students may return to school once prescribed drops or ointments are given for at least 24 hours. Students with head lice must be treated with a lice shampoo, they must be NIT FREE, and must have a note from the school nurse before returning to class. After having any communicable disease, have your child checked by the school nurse before he/she re-enters school.

Prevention and treatment: The school nurse conducts annual vision and hearing screening. She also provides communicable disease prevention and control, emergency care and first-aid care to students who become ill or injured at school. If it is necessary for the student to go home or to be referred to the clinic or hospital, the school nurse will contact the parents or the emergency contact person to pick up the student. It is recommended that a “Power of Attorney” be obtained from the legal office and inserted in the student’s hospital record to authorize emergency treatment if the parent/sponsor plans to be off-island. The school nurse is not a substitute for seeing a physician for health problems arising at home.

Medications at School Policy: Students are not permitted to carry any type of medicine to school. Parents should bring medicine to the school nurse for storage with an appropriately labeled bottle and Hold Harmless letter. The nurse will dispense the necessary medicine. Please contact the school nurse at 634-0650 for specific guidelines regarding medications of any kind at school.

Immunization Regulations: With no exceptions, each student must have a Certificate of Immunization reviewed and updated before entering school that contains the following required immunizations

  • Polio (IPV/OPV) three doses, at least one of which was given after 4th birthday
  • Diptheria/Tetanus/Pertusis- four doses, at least one of which was given after 4th birthday. A fifth DTP is recommended
  • Measles/Mumps/Rubella- one dose given after twelve months; a second dose between four and six years of age or before entering SHES
  • Hepatitis A- two doses
  • Hepatitis B- three doses
  • Varicella (chicken pox) one dose after one year of age or reliable history of disease
  • HIB two to four doses
  • IPPD skin test (for TB)- at least one with result. If newly positive, x-ray taken and follow up according to community health guidelines

PLEASE NOTE: DoDDS has ZERO TOLERANCE for non-compliance of immunization requirements. Parents are given 30 days for compliance. Students not in compliance WILL be dis-enrolled.