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Special Education

DoDEA Sp. Ed. Curriculum 

DoDEA Sp. Ed. Relocation information

For more information on the DoDEA SPED program as well as resources and publications for parents please visit the DoDEA HQ Sp. Ed. site.


Student Support Team (SST)

Students requiring additional assistance with academics and/or with behavioral problems will be referred directly to the counselor, nurse, literacy support specialists, ESL teachers, and/or a reading teacher. After interventions and implementation of suggested strategies / activities/recommendations, the student should begin to make positive progress. If these programs do not meet the student’s needs, then the student should be referred to the SST committee. The SST assists teachers in generating additional strategies for working with a student and/or gathers information needed to make a referral to the Case Study Committee (CSC) for possible evaluation for Special Education Services. Parents will be notified by the classroom teacher that their child is being referred to the SST committee to seek further help to improve academic and/or behavioral performance.