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Stowers ES

Books and Materials

Books on Loan

Textbooks and/or workbooks are furnished without charge. Sponsors are responsible for payment in case of loss or damage to textbooks, musical instruments, workbooks, library books, science equipment, audio-visual equipment, computer equipment, or other school property.

Parents may request to borrow books. The request MUST first go through an administrator for approval. Once the request is approved, supply personnel will prepare the proper documents for the parent's signature. This document will note the book(s) being checked out from the school. They return date will depend on the request and the books on loan. If the book(s) is/are lost or damaged, parents will be responsible for replacing the book.

Care of Books and Materials

Textbooks and educational supplies are issued to students for their use. Students are responsible for the proper care and return of these materials. Parents are encouraged to help by placing book covers on the books. Payment for lost or damaged books will be required in the following manner:

  • New 100% of cost
  • Good 75% of cost
  • Fair 50% of cost

Any student who willfully cuts, defaces, or otherwise damages any property, real or personal, may be suspended from school. Sponsors will be liable for all school damages. Report lost or damaged materials to the supply office within one week of occurrence. Payment is made at the front office by check or money order, made payable to Treasurer of the United States, NOT to the school.