Department of Defense Education Activity


Graduates & Former Students

Graduates and former students of DoDEA high schools must request transcripts by contacting the DoDEA Records Center which currently maintains high school transcripts and master class lists dependent upon the student's graduation date or last date of attendance. Please read DODEA Transcript and Records Request Procedures for details.

Current Students

To request an official or unofficial transcript, current students may e-mail their guidance counselor with the U.S. mailing address where the transcript is to be sent. It will be sent via Official Mail. Delivery will take between 7-14 days. If a transcript is needed sooner,current students may e-mail their guidance counselor and choose to pick up the transcript in the Guidance Office.The transcript holder can then put it in a new envelope and send it via Priority or Express U.S. Mail.

Digital Transcripts (current students only)

DoDEA HQ has approved the use of Parchment Send [] for distribution of official transcripts for current students only. Transcripts requested through Parchment Send will be sent digitally to the requested college or university, usually within 48 hours. Parchment Send provides electronic confirmation that the transcript was received and opened at the destination. For institutions not in the Parchment Send network, transcripts will be sent via U.S. Mail. Parchment charges $3.50 to use their service.

SENDedu [] is also an approved transcript delivery service. Current students should e-mail their guidance counselor with the necessary information to have a transcript sent via SENDedu.

For colleges and universities accepting the CommonApp, please contact a guidance counselor.

DoDEA requires written authorization to release transcripts by official mail and digital services. Please complete the SHS Transcript Request Form and contact Stuttgart High School Guidance Office at +49 (0) 7031-15-4000 ext. 431-5592 or DSN be (314) 431-4000 ext. 431-5592.