Department of Defense Education Activity

Sullivans ES: Homework Policy


This instruction is issued to establish responsibilities for the development and implementation of a Department of Defense Dependents Schools (DoDDS) system wide homework policy. The intention of these guidelines is to provide DoDDS administrators with minimum standards for the preparation of school homework policies and for the evaluation and monitoring of homework effectiveness by members of the school faculty and the local community.


This instruction cancels and supersedes DS Administrative Instruction 2000.9, "Homework Policy", dated November 29, 1990.


The provisions of this issuance apply to all DoDDS educators and to students receiving education in DoDDS-operated schools. This Instruction does not apply to those students receiving homebound instruction and to those whose instructional program is governed by individualized educational plans when those plans exclude the prospect of homework.


Homework is defined as assignments to be done outside the classroom to reinforce classroom instruction, increase understanding and retention, transfer and extend classroom instruction, prepare for class discussion and provide curriculum enrichment opportunities.


The development of study skills must be an integral part of DoDDS regional, district, and school educational policies. DoDDS strongly supports the philosophy that homework is a necessary part of school life, which serves different purposes according to the student's grade level.

The assignment of academically appropriate homework is an extension of classroom instruction and supports the teacher's instructional objectives.

It is DoDDS policy that homework will be assigned within the DoDDS system in accordance with the needs and abilities of individual students and in support of the learning objectives of the particular curricular area. It should be understood that "homework" may not always be paper and pencil tasks.

Some of the homework in primary grades can be students reading to parents and parents reading to students, or taking part in host nation and creative art activities. It is a good practice for parents and siblings to be involved with homework assignments. Study skills are an area that can be extended to homework assignments.