Department of Defense Education Activity

Sullivans ES: Attendance Policy


DoDEA's new attendance policy states, as of August 1, 2011:

Regular school attendance correlates directly with success
in academic work, improves social interaction with adults and peers, provides
opportunities for important communication between teachers and students, and
provides a cumulative effect of establishing life-long positive habits that are
critical for developing career readiness skills and success in college.

It is DoDEA policy that school attendance is mandatory

a. All students are required to attend school for 180
instructional days per school year (subject to exceptions noted within this
policy) to ensure continuity of instruction, successfully meet academic
standards and demonstrate continuous educational progress.

b. Except for exigent circumstances, absences such as family
vacations and absences during standardized testing will be unexcused.

c. Medical appointments and other discretionary appointments
should be scheduled during non-school time to maximize student learning.

d. School attendance is a joint responsibility between the
parent or sponsor, the student, the classroom teacher, and the school. Parents
should make every attempt to ensure their children attend school each day
school is in session and also establish regular communication with the
classroom teacher.

e. A student's educational monitoring plan shall be
implemented during all pre-approved extended absences to mitigate the negative
impact on a student's educational program. This plan will provide a comparable
experience to the traditional classroom or course in content, rigor, and expectations
for completion of assignments.

f. Students with excessive school absences, as defined in
this Regulation, will be monitored by the Student Support Team to ensure
students complete all required work and successfully master course objectives.

We at The Sullivans strive to provide quality education and
believe that family vacations during school days are detrimental to your
child's academic progress. Assignments may not be provided for family
vacations. The only time your child should be absent for travel is during an
Emergency Leave situation. If such situations arise, your child may be given
work to complete

Art Club

Fitness Club

Homework Club

Cooking Club


Safety Patrol

Speed Stacking Club

Student Council

Science Club

Math Club

Soccer Club

Odyssey of the Mind

before his/her return to school, or within a given timeframe
after returning to school. You as a parent must then assume responsibility for
seeing that work is completed in a satisfactory and timely manner.

All students will attend school/class regularly and
punctually. Adherence to the school attendance policy is the responsibility of
the parents/sponsor and students. All absences must be followed by a written
excuse from the parent stating the dates of, and reasons for, an absence. If absent
for 3 days or more due to illness, the school nurse should be called at

Excused Absences

Daily attendance at school is important for success. It is
recognized, however, that absence from school is necessary under certain
conditions. Every effort must be made by parents, students, teachers, and
administrators to keep absence and tardiness to a minimum. Excused absences are
granted for illness, family emergencies (e.g., severe illness, death in the
family, or local hardship situation), religious observations, pre-approved
family trips, and medical appointments which can not be arranged during
non-school time.

Excused absences are granted for those students
participating in school-sponsored activities occurring away from the school.
There will be no academic penalty for excused absences. Students are to stay
current with assigned class work and are responsible for work missed during
their absence from class. Work missed must be made up in a reasonable amount of
time, usually equal to the length of the absence.

When parents are traveling TDY or away from home, please
send the school a copy of your power of attorney showing who will be
responsible for your child(ren) in your absence. In addition, please provide
the school with the responsible person's name, phone number, address, work
place contact information and the approximate length of your TDY BEFORE you

Unexcused Absences

After reporting to school, any student that skips or leaves
a class without an excused permission slip is truant. A student who is absent
from school without the permission of his/her sponsor or school authorities is
also truant. School personnel will seek cooperation from parents/sponsors and
assist them in correcting and preventing truancy.

Students with unexcused absences will not be granted make-up
privileges for class work. Unexcused absences may also result in disciplinary
action (see DoDEA Regulation 2051.1, "Disciplinary Rules and
Procedures," June 1996), including afternoon detention, temporary removal
from class, and in-school and out-of-school suspension.

Leaving School During The Day

When it is necessary for a student to leave school during the
day for a medical appointment or for any other reason, parents should send a
note to school with the child stating the date of and the reason for an
absence. Parents are then to report to the office to sign out their child(ren),
after which time the student will be released to the parent. Children will not
be released to non-family members without explicit written authorization that
has been confirmed by the office. Students cannot be sent home or to the
medical clinic unescorted during the school day. It is absolutely necessary for
the parent or guardian to sign the child out of school in person.