Department of Defense Education Activity

Sullivans ES: Discipline Policy

A. Purpose


Good discipline at The Sullivans Elementary School is important to the school environment and student learning. One factor of an effective school is that it has a safe and orderly environment. There must exist a consistency in which a school enforces rules.


We also believe in informing parents if a rule is broken after classroom intervention techniques (consequences) have been tried but are not successful. Parents will be contacted via phone, e-mail, or letter when all the available consequences have been exhausted. Any adult in the school may issue a discipline referral to a student.


B. Breach of Discipline


Breach of discipline is any student conduct, which interferes with the maintenance of school discipline. Acts of behavior, which conflict with the educational program or interfere with the rights of other students to attain their education, will not be permitted. If a serious incident occurs while on school premises or while engaged in school-sponsored activities, it is to be brought to the attention of the administration.

Classroom teachers will establish rules and consequences for their classes. These procedures will be sent home to parents within the first two weeks of school. The Discipline referrals may still be used.



C. Procedure

All classrooms have basic behavioral expectations which are shared with students within the first week of school.

In addition, NO gum, electronic devices (walkmans, tape decks, CD players, cell phones and gameboys), and lasers are allowed at school.

C. Severe Behavior Problems

1. Fighting, threats, bullying, or stealing.

2. Bringing fireworks, matches, lighters, knives, and other potentially dangerous items to school.

3. Defiance of authority.

4. Profanity

5. Destruction of property.

6. Truancy

7. Sexual Harassment – DoDEA Manual 2051.2, Student Responsibilities and privileges, states that: "Students shall be free from verbal, physical, visual, and psychological sexual harassment, including uninvited sexual advances, from adults and other students."


E. Minimal Consequences of Severe Behavior Problems

1. Upon the first offense, an administrator or counselor will counsel the child and the sponsor may be notified by phone, letter, or discipline slip.

a. Counselor and administrator may confer about the incident if further intervention is needed.

b. Suspension or detention may be invoked.

2. Subsequent offenses will result in suspension from school or an in-house suspension.

a. The student's sponsor will be contacted by the administration.

b. Suspension may range from a ½ day in-school suspension to several days at-home suspension.

c. Students with an active IEP are an exception to this procedure. Their situations will be considered on a case basis through the CSC committee in a timely manner.


3. The Sullivans has a ZERO tolerance for any of the severe behavior problems listed. Students may be subjected to school disciplinary measures ranging from suspension to expulsion.

A safe learning environment is essential for all students at The Sullivans Elementary. If your child becomes a danger to him/herself and/or others (hitting, kicking, throwing furniture), your child will be restrained. The restraint will be handled by trained CPI (Crisis Prevention Institute)* faculty members. This will only occur when attempts to deescalate behaviors have been unsuccessful. If a restraint should occur, parent(s) will be contacted by an administrator in a timely manner.