Department of Defense Education Activity

Sullivans ES: Dress Code

Students are expected to be neatly groomed and dressed appropriately for the day's activities. Students' dress and personal grooming are the responsibility of the parents and the students. The school administration reserves the right to advise parents when students come to school dressed in a manner that is disruptive, in poor taste, or affecting the health or safety of students or classmates.

All items of personal clothing including boots, raincoats, umbrellas, jackets, etc., should be plainly marked with the child's name and grade. This will facilitate claiming and returning lost items. Students are expected to hand carry tennis shoes to P.E. classes. Zoris or flip-flops are not permitted at school at any time. Halter tops and shirts showing midriffs are not appropriate at school. While hats and scarves/bandanas may be worn to school they are not to be worn inside the school building. This rule applies to both boys and girls.