Department of Defense Education Activity

Sullivans ES: Visitor Procedures

On occasion we have visiting family members from the states, local area students, or staff members' children who would like to attend our school for a visit. These visits bring along with them some liabilities and must be documented and approved. The procedure for this will be; Sponsors of visiting students must make a request in writing to visit a classroom.

This should include the date, the teacher whose class they plan to visit, and local emergency contact information for that student. This request should be given to the classroom teacher. The classroom teacher must indicate in writing that they are willing to accept the student for the specified date. The request is then passed along to administration for approval or disapproval. This should all be completed at least 24 hours prior to the planned visit. Only after this request has been approved by all, is the visiting student to be in school. No visitor will be approved for more than 3 days cumulatively.


We encourage parent volunteers and classroom visits, yet we want to ensure quality academic time for your child. Before volunteering in a classroom or fieldtrip please come to the main office and fill out a volunteer application. Also, to minimize distractions and interruptions, parents should schedule visits to the classrooms with the teacher, and must check in at the office for a pass before proceeding to the classroom.

Our commitment to our students includes parent involvement as school volunteers. We seek your assistance in such areas as clerical/office work, classroom helper, nurse assistant, computer class monitor, resource instructor, tutor, and many other areas. For more information, contact your child's teacher or the school office. This year are also have a volunteer form you can complete at registration.