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DoDEA Principal of the Year (POY) Recognition Programs


Principal of the Year - Nominations Opened

The purpose of the DoDEA Principal of the Year (PoY) program is to recognize outstanding school principals who have succeeded in leading high-quality learning opportunities for students as well as demonstrating exemplary contributions to the profession, specifically setting high standards for instruction, student achievement, character, and climate for the students, families, and staffs in their learning communities. In addition, the program provides leadership growth opportunities within and outside our system in order to build capacity for continuous improvement. Furthermore, the program provides a platform to utilize distinguished principals as models, coaches or representatives for leadership excellence.



DoDEA will annually open nominations for DoDEA Principal of the Year to all principals who meet the agreed upon requirements for the purpose of receiving recognition, leadership experiences, and opportunities to build capacity. The Principal of the Year program will include a period of nomination, application, selection and recognition.

DoDEA will recognize one elementary school and one secondary school PoY in each of the three regions; Pacific, Americas and Europe. One of the selected Regional Elementary and one of the Regional Secondary PoY recipients will be selected as the DoDEA Elementary and Secondary PoY, and proceed through the appropriate national association nomination process, representing DoDEA at the national level. During the yearly period of honor, those selected Principals of the Year will serve as ambassador to their profession, be provided leadership growth opportunities, and support DoDEA priorities and initiatives.

There are currently two national recognition programs, NAESP's National Distinguished Principal and NASSP's National Principal of the Year. DoDEA will run an Elementary School Principal of the Year program to coincide with the NAESP program, and a Secondary School Principal of the Year program to coincide with the NASSP program in order to submit a DoDEA Elementary and DoDEA Secondary Principal of the Year candidate for national recognition.

In order to select one Elementary and one Secondary School Principal of the Year, each DoDEA region Pacific, Americas and Europe, will run a nomination, application and selection process to determine a Regional Elementary School and Regional Secondary School Principal of the Year. From the Regional Elementary and Secondary selectees, DoDEA Headquarters will select one DoDEA Elementary and one DoDEA Secondary School Principal of the Year to represent DoDEA in the NAESP and NASSP national recognition programs.