Department of Defense Education Activity

Updated Travel Guidance

DoDEA Travel Guidance (March 2022)

airplane sunsetThis Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) updated established policies and procedures for official and unofficial travel to meet Department of Defense (DoD) requirements. The update provides pre- and post-travel guidance for purposes of Force Health Protection (FHP) of DoDEA civilian employees and family members, and contractor personnel.

Worldwide travel is changing rapidly. The DoD maintains a conditions-based phased approach to personnel movement and travel during the COVID-19 pandemic. The attached DoDEA memorandum provides guidance for compliance with all DoD updates and requirements for the various phases of official and unofficial travel.

  1. Pre-Travel Requirements.
    1. Mission Essential Travel Request (METR) process for official travel waivers.
    2. Travel Health Risk Assessment.
    3. COVID-19 Testing.
    4. Use of Government Travel Office (SATO) for government-funded air transportation.
  2. Enroute Travel Requirements: Adherence to public health measures.
  3. Post-Travel Requirements.
    1. Host nation quarantine/command-directed Restrictions of Movement (ROM).
    2. Specific travel destination ROM guidance.
  4. Unofficial/Leisure Travel.
  5. Entering the DoDEA Workplace Post-Travel Requirements.

This guidance applies to travel for DoDEA civilian employees, DoD family members, and DoD contractor personnel. Applicable travel types include Temporary Duty (TDY), Educational Travel (EdT), Permanent Change of Station (PCS), Renewal Agreement Travel (RAT), Separation/Retirement travel, travel by civilian employees complying with overseas tour rotation agreement requirements, Employee/Dependent Medical Travel (EDMT) , and Emergency Visitation Travel (EVT).

Travel waivers are not required for Renewal Agreement Travel (RAT), Separation/Retirement travel, and travel by civilian employees complying with overseas tour rotation agreement requirements, but all travelers must comply with the Travel Health Risk Assessments, and COVID-19 testing requirements, enroute travel, and post-travel host nation quarantine or command-directed Restriction of Movement (ROM), and DoD workplace access.

DoDEA COVID-19 Pandemic Travel Guidance (pdf)

Mission Essential Travel Request Action Memo (Word)

RAT Frequently Asked Questions (pdf)

Reimbursement for COVID-19 Testing Memo

RAT Supporting Documents

RAT Voucher Submission Packet

Upon your return from travel you are required to submit your voucher documentation to DoDEA HQ RAT/EDT Travel Branch for processing. DoDEA HQ is responsible for entering all RAT/EDT vouchers in the Defense Travel System (DTS), per the guidance provided to you with your travel authorizations (funded orders).

Travel Voucher (DD 1351-2)

Travel Voucher form

Travel Voucher Continuation (DD 1351-2C)

Travel Voucher Continuation form.