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Ms. Allison Peltz - Vicenza ES Principal

Ms. Allison Peltz grew up as an Army "brat" and understands the challenges inherent in the lives of military children and their families. She followed in her mother's footsteps, beginning her DoDEA career in 1991. She spent eighteen years in Asia, teaching in Seoul, Korea, at Seoul American Elementary School, and in Okinawa, Japan, at Amelia Earhart Intermediate School. In 2007 she began her administrative career as an assistant principal at Edward C. Killin Elementary School. In 2009 she accepted the position of Principal at Patrick Henry Elementary School in Heidelberg, Germany. When the Heidelberg schools closed in 2013, Ms. Peltz accepted the position of Principal at Vicenza Elementary School.

Ms. Peltz earned a Bachelor of Music Education and a Master of Music Education from McNeese State University, Lake Charles, Louisiana. She completed a Master of Education from the College of New Jersey.

Ms. Peltz has an extensive background in school improvement and staff development. While in DoDEA-Pacific, she worked as an in-house staff developer, presenting new curriculum and best practices in teaching to educators, both in her home school and in the Okinawa District. She taught graduate level courses in analysis of student work and assessment for San Diego State University and served as a resource for other staff developers. Since moving to Europe, she has continued to focus on professional learning, presenting most recently at the DoDEA Europe Equity and Access Conference on addressing student opportunity and academic gaps.

Ms. Peltz believes that student success is relationship-based. Children learn best when they develop trusting relationships with their teachers and when they are supported by collaborative teacher/parent/community partnerships.


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Ms. Allison Peltz

Vicenza ES Principal

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Vacant - Vicenza ES Assistant Principal


Vicenza ES Assistant Principal

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