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Vicenza ES

PCS Information

Moving to Our Community

Student with moving boxes

School Level PCS Checklist

School level PCS checklist of items to have before leaving your current school. Edit following list for parents as required by school:

  • Immunization record
  • Copy/official transcript
  • Copy of IEP if applicable
  • Copy of withdrawal grade with grading system from previous school
  • Copy of standardized test score if applicable
  • Copy of current school schedule (HS students)
  • Copy of student handbook (helpful for our schools to interpret transcripts)
  • Course descriptions (if not in handbook)
  • Student resume or list of extra curricular activities (HS)

Departing Students PCS Information - PCS

All parents must give the office at least one week notice prior to a PCS move.This gives the teachers time to prepare the student's report card and the office will prepare a copy of the PCS orders.

Educational files (records from Vicenza ES and previous schools) may be released directly to a parent who has given the school prior notice and provided proper orders to registrar office reflecting the upcoming PCS assignment.

All departing members must clear with the PX and bring a copy of the clearing sheet to the school registrar office showing that the school lunch account has been closed prior to be picking up the student's records.

All library books must be returned to the school. If the library books are not returned, a bill will be presented to the parent when he/she comes in to pick up the student's educational records.