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Vicenza High School is a Department of Defense Dependents School (DoDDS) high school, established in 1954 to provide a quality education program for children of U.S. military and civilian personnel on official assignments in Northern Italy. DoDEA is a worldwide school system headquartered in Arlington, Virginia, operating 168 schools in 12 total countries (United States included), serving approximately 71,948 K-12 students. VHS students are also afforded the opportunity to take classes via the DoDEA worldwide Virtual School to further enhance course selection opportunities. The educational program and curriculum provided by VHS are accredited by COGNIA through June 30, 2025 USA.

Vicenza High School is located on a U.S. Army Post in Vicenza, Northern Italy (the proud home of the 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team “Sky Soldiers”), approximately forty miles west of Venice in a city with a population of 112,000 people. The high school facilities accommodate students in grades 9-12. The educational program is diversified and provides a wide range of educational opportunities for preparing all students to be college and career ready. VHS operates on a two semester 182 instructional day academic year, in a hybrid block format (8 classes total; four per day on alternating A/B days).

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Vicenza HS

Grades: 9 - 12

Enrollment: 304

Teacher/Student Ratio: 1: 15

Computer/Student Ratio: 1:1

Vicenza HS Mission

Educate, Engage, and Empower military connected students to succeed in a dynamic world.

Vicenza HS Vision

Excellence in Education for Every Student, Every Day, Everywhere

Mascot: Freddy the Cougar

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Vicenza HS Colors

Primary Color: #000000

Secondary Color: #da9a37

Additional Color: #ffffff


By the end of SY 2021-2022, Vicenza High School staff will strengthen implementation of College and Career readiness for all students by ensuring all classrooms teaching Literacy skills reflect standards-based instruction as measured by performance on the DoDEA CCR Summative Assessment and will show an increase of students Meeting or Exceeding the summative assessment.


By the end of SY2021-2022, Vicenza High School staff will strengthen implementation of CCRS for all students by ensuring all math classrooms reflect standards-based instruction as measured by score increases of students meeting or exceeding standards on the DoDEA CCRS Math Summative

Vicenza HS

School Address
Unit 31401
Box 11
APO, AE 09630
Phone: 0039-0444-71-6704
Fax: 0039-0444-71-7220
DSN Phone: 646-6704
DSN Fax: 314-634-7220
From US: 011-39-0444-71-6704
From the US Fax: 011-39-0444-71-7220