Department of Defense Education Activity

Welcome to Cougar Country!

It is my pleasure to welcome new and returning students to Vicenza High School. Our school is here for our students and community, and we at the school are here to serve you. Student achievement is at the center of our focus and the Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) is working diligently to ensure we use the most current research and techniques to provide the best education possible as we serve the children of those who serve our nation.

Many of our students are new to Vicenza as am I. I was the Principal at Rota Middle High School, Spain for the past four years, and before that I was the Assistant Principal at Naples Middle-High School in Naples Italy and at SHAPE High School in Belgium. I was a French and Spanish teacher in Florida before joining DoDEA.

Our school is capably staffed with resource personnel to assist students and parents with any of the challenges related to the needs and stressors of being a military child. We have a full-time School Psychologist, and two guidance counselors. We also have support personnel who are an ASACS counselor and a Military Family Life Counselor (MFLC). Additionally we offer special education assessment and services for students and families who need support in this venue.

Vicenza High School has a fine tradition of excellence in all the things for which students attend school. Our academics offer rigorously solid, standards-based curricula. We also offer a variety of fine arts options in the art classroom, video communications, and our broad music program with instrumental and vocal opportunities. Many of our students have accepted the challenges of Advanced Placement classes and are earning college credit while they are attending high school.

Clear and frequent communication make for a great school to home relationship. Please do not hesitate to call me or stop by to see me in person. I encourage our teachers to reach out to parents and our parents to communicate with our teachers. We all want the same thing and that is what is best for “our” children. My email is Go Cougars!