Department of Defense Education Activity

Policies & Procedures

Student Expectations

Vilseck Elementary School maintains a safe, nurturing environment where all children can learn. The following are student expectations:

  1. Do nothing that could cause injury to others.
  2. Do nothing to disrupt the learning of others.
  3. Respect community and personal property.
  4. Obey all school adults promptly and respectfully.
  5. Use appropriate language at all times. Inappropriate use of language relating to religion, ethnicity, age and gender will have severe consequences.
  6. Students engaged in fighting or play fighting may receive disciplinary actions from detention to suspension.

Classroom Rules

Classroom rules are posted in each room and shared with students and parents at the beginning of the school year. Students are expected to become familiar with and follow these rules. Frequent reminders will be discussed in school. Normal school policies for student behavior apply to all school sponsored activities. Inappropriate behavior may also result in the loss of privileges for attending future school activities.

Vilseck Lions ROAR with Respect, Ownership, Good Attitude, Responsibility