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Vilseck ES

Student Activities

All students are encouraged to participate in co-curricular activities whether they be athletic, academic or social in nature. These activities help to shape students and prepare them for the future as part of a well rounded education.

School clubs are a great way to develop new interests and to make new friends. Students can select these activities based on their interests. Several teachers are the sponsors and coordinate the programs with parents, students, and community volunteers. We provide the following clubs/activities:

Crochet Club

Eligibility: 3rd-5th grade students who have an interest in learning to crochet. Information available upon request in the VES Library.

Description: Crochet is a traditional craft that uses yarn and a hook. Students have the opportunity to learn basic stitches and create simple items such as a scarf, hat, necklace, purse.

Meeting Time: Lunch time recess and four Saturdays during the year.

Additional Information: Students must purchase a crochet hook for $2.00. Donations of yarn and hooks accepted.

Intermediate Chess Club

Eligibility: 2nd -5th grade students

Description: . Children will play chess and learn gaming strategies.

Meeting Time: The club will run from October 22 to the end of April. Call school office to connect with the Chess Club sponsor.

Spanish Cooking Club

Eligibility: 4th-5th grade students

Description: We will be making foods and studying Latin culture. Christmas traditions and language will be covered each week until Christmas.

Meeting Time: TBD

Additional Information: Parents that are willing to volunteer during the club will have priority for their children to be included.

Red Hot Reader Cheer Readers

Eligibility: 3rd-5th grade students

Description: Red Hot Cheer Readers is a cheerleading squad that motivates students to read during the month of Red Hot Readers in March. The Red Hot Cheer Readers are a tradition at Vilseck Elementary School. Members of the squad are integral in motivating students to read more during Red Hot Readers Month and are a very visible part of both opening and closing assemblies, performing several choreographies, cheers and simple stunts. Red Hot Cheer Readers provides students with an opportunity to succeed in an area that many do not normally participate in. It gives students an opportunity to develop physical skills such as balance and coordination, as well as responsibility and social skills by being able to work as part of a team. It is an excellent opportunity for students to exercise and have fun. Red Hot Cheer Readers not only allows students to share their pride in being a part of Vilseck Elementary School, but also to feel good about themselves and their ability to succeed.

Meeting Time: Nov/Dec on Wednesdays; Jan/Feb/Mar on Mondays, Wednesdays and days before performances. RHCR meets after school until 1600.

Additional Information: More information about try-outs will be sent home through your child's teacher.

Student Council

Eligibility: 4th-5th grade students

Description: Two students will be elected from each classroom, grades 4 and 5, to represent his/her class. This representative will be responsible for attending meetings, gathering student ideas and reporting information to and from Student Council and their classroom. Student Council members will work on various community projects, support PTA events, help to organize school-wide events, represent the student body to the public and many other community building projects.

Meeting Time: September-May various Wednesdays 2:30-3:30 pm

Science Club

Eligibility: 1st-5th grade students

Description: Students will participate in inquiry-based discussions and take home things that they make. The one-hour Science Club will be themed around a particular area of science and include varied topics such as electricity, optics, space, the weather, machines and more.

Meeting Time: October-May various Thursdays 2:30-3:30 pm

Additional Information: A Science Fair will possibly be planned for the spring.

Talent Show

Eligibility: K-5th grade students

Description: Students will have an opportunity to audition for the talent show

Meeting Time: To be announced.

Art Club

Eligibility: 1st-3rd grade students

Description: Students will have the opportunity to explore and express themselves with different art mediums.

Meeting Time: 3rd grade - October-November; 2nd grade - January-February; 1st grade - March-April

Game Club 1

Eligibility: 2nd-4th grade students

Description: This club will play games to work on socialization, working in groups and using games to help develop math, language and problem solving skills.

Meeting Time: Starts in January 2:35-3:35 pm Thursdays

Game Club 2

Eligibility: 1st-3rd grades

Description: Students will learn to play table games that they can share with their family.

Meeting Time: TBD

Sports Club

Eligibility: TBD

Description: Students will learn to play recess sport games such as kickball, soccer, and tag. Emphasis will be placed on sportsmanship and team work.

Meeting Time: TBD

Computer Coding Club

Eligibility: 2nd-5th grade students

Description: The ability to read, understand and create computer programs is a new kind of literacy and an important 21st century skill. The Computer Coding Club gives students the opportunity to learn computer science concepts by teaching them basic computer programming skills. Students use their new coding skills to create their own projects which they can share with others. Coding allows students to be creative while learning to think logically, solve problems systematically and work in groups. All students learn to use Scratch, a free educational programming language created by MIT. Older students also use the Google CS First program.

Meeting Time: Mondays-4th-5th grade meets after-school to 1600. Thursdays-2nd-3rd grade meets after-school to 1600.