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Vilseck High School Main Entrance Vilseck is a small town in the Oberpfalz region of northeastern Bavaria, Germany, situated on the river Vils, a tributary of the Naab River. The name of this small town derives from the location of the Burg, or castle, built in 920, and a tight bend -or Eck -- in the Vils River. The town is geographically separate from the nearby large American military post whose proper name is Rose Barracks but is more commonly referred to as Vilseck. When the Germans built the installation 1937-1938, they named it Südlager;the post was captured during World War II, and renamed Rose Barracks.

As part of the Defense Dependents School system, Vilseck High School (VHS) was established on Rose Barracks as a Middle/High School in 1976. In 2007 VHS underwent a major expansion construction phase and became what is currently Vilseck High School. The following year, when Netzaberg Middle School opened, all of the middle school students relocated, and Vilseck became a grade 9 through 12 high school.

The largest student enrollment for VHS came in 2010 when there were over 600 students. The current enrollment is approximately 500 students being served by 65 full time professional staff members.

VHS is the social hub of the community. Not only do parents and students attend our school events, but the entire community attends our athletic games, talent shows, art galleries, and musical concerts.

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Vilseck HS

Grades: 9 - 12

Enrollment: 400

School Mission

To Provide an Exemplary Education that Inspires and Prepares all DoDEA Students for Success in a Dynamic, Global Environment.

School Vision

The vision of Vilseck High School is to Engage, Educate, and Empower for student success.

Mascot: Falcon

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Vilseck HS Colors

Primary Color: #C5B358

Secondary Color: #800000

Instructional Goal

Through the use of critical thinking skills, all students at Vilseck High School will be college/career ready.

Vilseck HS

School Address
Unit 28041
APO, AE 09112
Phone: +49-06111-43-545-2122
DSN Phone: 314-545-2122