Department of Defense Education Activity

The mission of the WT Sampson Athletic Department is to provide competitive athletic-based experiences that will enable our students to progress toward established educational objectives.

The following athletics are available to our W.T. Sampson School students.


Coaching Philosophy

In our role preparing middle/high school athletes, our coaching staff focus on basic skills, teamwork, and sportsmanship or what we call "the big three" when interacting with our students. With the "big three" as our guide, our goal is to produce young men and women who have the capacity to be successful athletes in any type of school program across the nation.

Offered Sports

Most of the W.T. Sampson seasons correspond with MWR Schedules, as most meets are against MWR teams.


Tryouts are open to all interested students. This is to insure that all athletes are given a fair chance of making the team. While many coaches do not like turning players away, this is sometimes necessary, especially when large numbers of students try out and the number of uniforms are limited.


  • Minimum requirement set by the coach.

  • Mandatory.

  • Coaches may increase the days of practice to 5 days a week prior to the first contest.

Student athletes are expected to report directly to their respective assigned areas at the beginning of their practice. Loitering in the school buildings will not be tolerated. Student athletes are expected to be at practice and to participate in practice with the same level of dedication as if they were playing in an actual game.

Additional Info: Athletic Director Phone: 757-458-3500

Athletics - Eligibility and Participation

Administrative Requirements

Before a student may try out or participate in any sport including conditioning and practices, he/she must have the following information submitted to the school's Athletic Department:

  • Physical Examination: The Pre-Participation History & Physical Exam form must be completed, signed, and dated by the examining physician and submitted to the athletic office. The physical is good for one calendar year and the original will be held by the Athletic Department with a copy submitted to the school nurse's office.

  • Emergency Medical Authorization: Each athlete's parents or guardians shall complete a Medical Power of Attorney (giving permission for treatment by a physician or hospital when the parent/guardian is not available. The form will be kept in the coach's binder for availability at all practices and contents.

  • Insurance: It is assumed that all students at WT Sampson have adequate medical coverage through their military sponsor. If this is not the case, it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to immediately notify the school's Athletic Department.

It is highly recommended that students get these requirements completed before the school year. This will allow for students to play any sports during the year without worry of the requirements being updated during a sport season. A student is not eligible to play if their requirements run out in the middle of a season.

Athletic Eligibility: Academic Requirements

  • Students passing are considered as having met the requirements for academic eligibility for first semester.

  • Students in middle/high school must be doing satisfactory work at the end of the first semester in order to be eligible second semester. ( Note: Satisfactory work is defined as meeting the school district's promotion policy.

Athletic Participation

Participation in a sport is treated differently than eligibility. A student can be eligible to join a sports team but may not be eligible to compete due to poor academic or behavioral performance. Participation in a sport, including those that span semesters, is based on the following participation guidelines:

  1. Participation is based on both academic performance and classroom behavior in all courses; both core academic and related arts.

  2. The primary means of monitoring a student athlete's behavior and performance will be through the use of a Student Athlete Behavior Contract

    • Student athletes will be required to present a Student Athlete Behavior Contract form to each of their teachers every Friday.

    • Teachers will assess the student athletes performance by placing either an "S" for satisfactory or a "U" for unsatisfactory in the appropriate box.

    • The form is retained by the student athlete's last period teacher, who will turn it into the school's athletic director.

  3. Based on the results, the athletic director will then issue a roster to each coach listing the players that are ineligible to play and for how long they are to remain in that status.

  4. Non-participation in a competition shall occur for any of the following:

    • Two "U"s (either academic or behavior) in the same week will result in a one game suspension.

    • One "U" (either academic or behavior) 2 weeks in a row in the same class will result in a one game suspension..

    • No report submitted by the student is considered two "U"s (one academic and one behavior) and will result in a one game suspension.

    • Earning a Friday detention during the sport season will result in a one game suspension.

    • Receiving more than 3 Friday detention assignments will result in a removal from the team.

    • Receiving an Out of School Suspension (OSS) will result in a one week game suspension with a review by the Principal to determine future participation in the sport season.

    • Receiving more than two OSS assignments will result in a removal from the team

Note: The principal reserves the right to take disciplinary action against students/athletes for unacceptable conduct. Actions such as damage to school property or private property, assault and/or other criminal acts may result in denial of participation in the school's sports program for the remainder of the year

Flag Football

Flag Football- Fall Sport- September to December

Students compete in the MWR adult league to develop skills and teamwork.

Term: Fall

Open To: Ages 14 and Up!


6th and 7th are free to come practice with the team!

Term: Winter

Open To: 8th-12th Grade


6th and 7th are free to come practice with the team!

Term: Winter

Open To: 8th-12th Grade

We have created a co-curricular program that is student-centered and consequently one that kids want to be a part of. Activities are driven by student interest and may change yearly. To identify varying interests, we are constantly soliciting recommendations from students. Participation rates are extremely high and hopefully there is an activity to suit each student. By keeping students involved after school, we are choosing to lead our school toward a happier and healthier learning environment.

The following clubs and activities are available to our W.T. Sampson School students.

Student Council (MS)

Student Council is an extracurricular activity designed to develop leadership skills in students. The council raises funds for school-wide activities, to include social events and community projects. The members also share ideas with school leadership about the wants and needs of the entire student body.

Meeting Time: As needed

Open To: 6th - 8th Grade

Additional Info: POC: Mrs. D

Drama (MHS)

The drama club provides opportunities for students in 6-12 grades to participate in performances for the school and community.  Participation can take the form of acting on stage, providing back stage assistance, or assisting with fund raising and publicity.

Meeting Time: After school from 4:00-6:00 p.m. during production

Open To: 6th - 12th Grade

Additional Info: POC: Drama Teacher

Student Government (HS)

Student Government is a student led organization that promotes school spirit within the high school and helps develop class relationships through a variety of activities, such as Homecoming, Color Wars, and service projects.

Meeting Time: Fridays after school

Open To: 9th - 12th Grade

Additional Info: POC: Mr. B

Yearbook (HS)

Yearbook is a one semester or two semester elective class where students learn photography, graphic design, journalism, and marketing skills to create the secondary campus' yearbook.

Meeting Time: After school as needed

Open To: 9th - 12th Grade

Additional Info: POC: Mrs. L