Department of Defense Education Activity

W.T. Sampson E/HS: Principals Corner

Welcome to W.T. Sampson E/HS

It is my honor to be the Principal of W. T. Sampson Elementary/High School, DoDEA, and the U. S. Naval Station Guantanamo Bay community. As the Principal, my overarching purpose is twofold: to ensure that our students receive a quality education and that we have a safe and orderly environment. I am committed to working with the staff, students, and school community to achieve our school mission and to realize our school vision.

Mastery of the DoDEA curriculum standards is one of our highest priorities, and our continuous school improvement process will aim to increase and sustain student achievement. Challenging and developmentally appropriate academic activities are common practice for our elementary, middle, and high school students. We expect our students to do and submit their work to their teachers on time. We ask for the parents' support on all this.

School safety and security are daily priorities for us. Attendance is taken daily in the elementary classrooms and in every class period in the middle and high school classes. Students are taught the behavior expectations and are provided guidance regarding school procedures. We ask for the involvement and help of each student, staff member, and parents in maintaining a safe, orderly, harassment-free, clean, and healthy environment.

We encourage the students to take advantage of the extracurricular opportunities that we offer, including after-school tutoring, clubs, band, etc. Involvement in extra-curricular activities can make school years more enjoyable, builds social skills, and provides lasting memories.

The involvement of parents can make a difference in their children's education. We encourage parents to monitor their children's academic progress, grades on GradeSpeed, and school work. Also, it is important for students to practice reading and math skills at home. Additionally, it is critical that parents ensure their children attend school faithfully.

Volunteers are welcome at W. T. Sampson Elementary/High School, and we have an active PTO. Please contact your child's teacher, the PTO, our school volunteer coordinator, or front office staff if you would like to be a volunteer.

If you have questions regarding our school, please stop by the school office or call us at (757) 458-3500/2207 or 3500/2207.


Emilio Garza, Jr.