Department of Defense Education Activity

West Point ES: About Our School

West Point Elementary and Fall hills

West Point Elementary School is currently in the planning stages for a new school.  The new building will be located behind the gym and classes will continue in the current school during the construction of the new school. 

Location of proposed new school

We look forward to learning more about the designed features of this 21st Century Education building!  As the building process continues, students will learn about the STEM careers used in construction of a new building. They will participate in lessons that let them learn how STEM is used at all stages of planning and constructing our new school.

School Rules
  • Try your best.
  • Be caring and respectful.
  • Be responsible.
Levels of Responsibility
  • 4. I am doing my work and helping others.
  • 3. I am doing my work with reminders from the teacher.
  • 2. I am trying but still need help or reminders to do my work.
  • 1. I am hurting or bothering someone. I am not doing my work.

Core Beliefs

Work Ethic: We will strive to provide innovative challenging leadership to foster the realization of high goals for our learning community.

Healthy and Physically Active: We strive to promote an environment conducive to physical and mental wellness.

Relationships: We will maintain and continue to develop personal and professional relationships fostered by respect, tolerance, empathy, and patience leading to a positive school climate of cooperation and growth.

Communities: We will engage in open exchanges that will include listening and understanding for individual ideas.