Department of Defense Education Activity

West Point ES: Absence Procedures/Tardy Policy

Absence Notification

Please call the front office or e-mail by 8:30 a.m. when you know your child will be absent or tardy. 

The sponsor must provide the front office with a written explanation of each absence when the child returns to school. The sponsor's note, by itself, does not constitute an excused absence.

Parents will be informed of unexcused absences. Students will be required to make up all missed school assignments. Parents are strongly encouraged to work closely with their child's teachers to ensure all class assignments are completed in a timely manner. 

Appointments or Illness

Students will not be released from school on the basis of a telephone call. Parents must sign-out and sign-in their children when taking them to appointments and back to school. When students are sent home because of illness, they are to be accompanied by their parent(s) or authorized guardian/emergency contact.

For contagious illnesses, a physician's clearance may be needed for re-entry.  In general, a child must have a normal temperature (98.6 F) for 24 hours before returning to school.

Release of Students Policy

During the school day, students will be released only to a parent or to the person named as the emergency contact on the registration form. The only exceptions will be: 

  1. a signed note is received from the sponsor designating another adult to pick up the student or
  2. a military unit has designated someone to pick up the student when parents and emergency contacts could not be reached.

Tardy Policy

Students arriving at school after the instructional day begins are considered tardy. If you know that your child will be late arriving to school, please make certain that a note is sent explaining why they are tardy. A student who is tardy should report to the office for a late slip before going to his/her classroom. A signed appointment slip from the dentist or doctor may be used in lieu of a note from parents. Parents should come in to the office to sign in their child; or a signed note is requested from parents. 

Students who are tardy due to government transportation are excused and will not need to obtain a late slip from the office. A tardy not properly reported by the parent or guardian is unexcused unless circumstances warrant otherwise. The classroom teacher will report students who are frequently tardy to the administration. Parents may be contacted if it is noted that a student has numerous unexcused tardies.

DoDEA Regulation Regarding the Calculation of Tardies

Regulation 2095.01 states students will be identified present or absent, based upon the following criteria: 

  1. Absent up to 25% of the school day = absent ¼ of the school day
  2. Absent between 26% to 50% of the school day = absent ½ of the school day
  3. Absent between 51% to 75% of the school day = absent ¾ of the school day
  4. Absent between 76% to 100% of the school day =absent full day

Referral to Command

The  following guidelines for excessive absences and/or tardies to comply with the DoDEA Attendance Policy.  Our first priority is to work in partnership with parents to ensure that our students are attending school.  This is important to support student success in school.  We have a list of procedures in place to support our families before we are required to notify the Command.  These are the steps that we follow:

  1. Notify parents of excessive absenteeism (7 absences or 5 tardies per semester)
  2. Hold a meeting with the parents. 
  3. Convene a Student Support Team meeting. 
  4. Develop an intervention plan. 
  5. Request support for the military social services. 
  6. Follow up to see if these interventions are effective. 
  7. Contact the Command if the interventions are not working.

Students with excessive unexcused absences and/or tardies will be referred to the Student Support Team (SST) and then to the Command if the problem is not resolved.