West Point ES: Clubs & Activities

WPES Clubs for 2018-2019

Parents sign students up for clubs using a Google Form sent by the school principal.  The first round closed on 1 October, but additional sign-ups will be available later in the  year.  Parents must provide transportation for the students who normally ride a bus.  Clubs vary in length from year long, to bi-annual and quarterly.  Clubs end on 31 May.

Year-Long Clubs:

Move to Learn

Students come to the school's gym before school to participate in fitness activities. Research shows that physical activity has a positive impact on academic performance. 4th grade meets on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Second and Third Grades meet on Tuesdays and Thursday.

Morning News

Students in Fourth Grade are a part of the daily Morning News club. Two students are selected each week to be the anchors on the Morning News Program. Students report on birthdays, current events, and other news items important to West Point Elementary School.  Other students work as crew members to operate the camera and mixer, play music, advance background slides, and cue the YouTube Live Streaming link.  The role of director rotates among the crew members.  This is a year-long club that runs from the first week of school through the last week of school.  Live streams are available at 8:35 at:   https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC224-TFAWvVBaTOfn35l_YQ/live.  Search from this link in YouTube to see archived broadcasts.

Safety Patrol

This club assists the morning line up and dismissal at WPES.  They monitor for safe behavior in the hallways and bus loop area, offering assistance and guidance to younger students as needed.  This club is open to 3rd and 4th grades before and after school.  

Speech and Debate Club

3rd and 4th grade students meet on Thursdays.  The club supports the development of speaking and listening for public presentation.

Bi-Annual Clubs

Session 1:  1 October - 8 February
Session 2:  11 February - 31 May

Quilting 4th Grade Thursdays
Students in the quilting club will independently hand sew a lap size quilt. During the twelve week quilting club session, students learn to design, sew, measure, cut and hand finish a small quilt of their very own. The young quilters learn to use a variety of sewing materials needed to complete their projects. The club meets on Thursdays

Crazy 8's 1st & 2nd Grade  Thursdays
Crazy 8's 3rd & 4th Grade Thursdays
Students meet on Thursdays for fun activities involving Math.

Dare  4th Grade on Wednesdays from 1:50-2:50
Back by popular demand and provided to us completely  by DES.

Quarterly Clubs

These clubs run for 8 weeks throughout the period of October to May.

4th Grade students meet on Tuesdays to learn coding in Scratch.  CS First programming lessons provide a wide variety of programming challenges.

Kindergarten students learn to prepare food on Tuesdays.

First and Second Grade students meet on Tuesdays to create projects using a wide variety of materials. Projects include birdhouses, painting of rocks for a school display, and many more.