Department of Defense Education Activity

West Point ES: Grooming and Dress

Dress and Appearance of Students

Wear appropriate shoes at all times. Flip-flops and open-toed shoes are not appropriate for many school activities for safety reasons such as climbing on playground equipment. Students wearing flip flops will be prohibited from using the playground equipment.

Wear clothing without profanity, objectionable slogans and pictures.

Pants must be worn at waist level with no underwear visible.

Wear shirts that cover your midriff when arms are raised. Some items appropriate for our young children, such as spaghetti strap tops, are not appropriate for our older students. We expect parents to guide students to be fittingly dressed for school.

Sunglasses, coats, windbreakers, jackets, caps, hats, and bandanas are not appropriate for the classroom.

Dresses, skirts and shorts should be long enough to reach at least mid-thigh. A quick check is that the item should reach at least to the end of the fingertips when the arms are held straight by the sides of the body.

Bring a sweatshirt or sweater to wear during cool weather.

Be aware of the sun. Sunglasses, sunscreen, and protective clothing are recommended.


Wear comfortable clothing and tennis shoes on PE days.